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Smart tips to eat healthy!

When it comes to eating healthy as a busy mom, it has to come with some easy button steps. Otherwise, we will be grabbing scraps off our kids’ plates. I’ve been there….

Let’s cut to the chase with my smart shortcuts, tips, and tricks to eat healthy:

1. Make 1 meal super-simple by having a protein shake packed full of clean plant protein, good fiber, vitamins, minerals & none of the stuff you don’t want.

2. Practice batch cooking where you double or triple any recipe you make and then portion out leftovers into ready-prepped meal containers.

3. Have fast staples on hand at all times. My faves are 90-second grains, frozen steamer veggies, and frozen shrimp.

4. Plan meals for the whole month at a time. This way you can know what ingredients you have to repurpose or leftovers to eat for lunches. Also you will be better at using up ingredients & not hitting the dreaded dinner is approaching “what should I make” dilemma that never results in a well-planned, nutritious meal.

5. Keep lunches simple with batch-cooked leftovers, sandwiches or salads.

6. Keep dinners simple and fast by using InstantPots, 1 pan/pot meals, or crock pots. I love to plan around a lean protein (if it’s fattier I won’t add extra fats when cooking for other sides), use as many veggies as I can, and then add a carb like potatoes, melon, or grains.

These are my tested tips if you want to eat healthy but don’t have a lot of time. You’ve probably noticed a theme: SIMPLE. Anything too elaborate or overly complex is not going to be sustainable. Any plan that isn’t sustainable and doesn’t reduce stress is not going to serve you well over the long run. Simple does NOT mean boring. Add the BIG, BOLD flavors you love, making food you love just with simple swaps that fit into making you feel your best inside and out. Pick 1 or 2 from above and start small. You can always add more once you’ve mastered the first couple.

Remember- small steps really do lead to big changes when done consistently over time.

Much love!


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