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The only real thing that sweat correlates to, is your body’s thermoregulatory system. It has nothing to do with the quality of your workout.

Perspiration occurs when your body’s core temperature rises and sweat is the signal that your body is trying to cool itself down.

There are multiple factors that go into how much you might sweat in a workout. What kind of medication are you on, how much water have you drank, hormonal changes, and of course what is the temperature of the room you are working out in.

One of the biggest myths in the fitness industry is that sweating is a sign you had a great workout. This is purely not true.

Sweating is controlled by high-level sensory area of the brain called your HYPOTHALAMUS.

This part of your brain is responsible for releasing many different hormones, and has an array of functions. One of its major jobs is homeostasis. Meaning once it senses your body is getting too hot, it signals the sweat glands to perspire in an attempt to cool your body down. It also does the opposite once you get too cold. Your hypothalamus is what causes your muscles to shiver in an attempt to warm you back up. This part of your brain also controls blood pressure and so on.

Anyways, my point is there are so many other ways to judge the quality of a workout, and different workouts serve different purposes. Whether it’s based on mobility and range of motion, stability, strength and power improvements, breathwork, endurance/conditioning etc. The list goes on.

As long as you are making improvements and you feel good (which to me is the most important). Who cares about the rest. Forget the number of calories you burnt, how high your heart rate got, and how much you sweat.

Did you feel good and accomplished when you were done? Are you making improvements over time? Good!! That’s all that matters.

Stay healthy and stay blessed!

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