Exercise Do You Include Mobility in Your Training?

mobility exercise - Cow yoga Pose


Why is this often missing in our programming and utilization in our fitness journey? Mobility is able to perform functional movement patterns (daily living activities) with no restrictions in the range of motion (ROM) of those movements.

Benefits of mobility training: 1.Flexibility 2.Increased ROM for Strength potential 3.More muscle activation 4.Decreased risk of injury 5.Better movement potential

Get Stronger Through Mobility

We all want to be fitter and healthier versions of ourselves and being mobile should be a crucial aspect of this. If a person is not able to move a joint freely through its full range of motion, then they are already putting themselves at an increased risk of injury before even attempting to pick up a weight and load that range of motion. Ensure that you program mobility into your training program or take a day where you focus on mobility to improve other aspects of your training.

When and for how long?

A good place to start is including mobility drills at the start of your workout for 10-15 minutes based on the exercises included in that particular workout i.e. inchworm and push backs would be good choices to help mobilize the shoulder joint before overhead lifting. But how do we know where to start.


The overhead squat is a simple but effective assessment to get a sense of your mobility. It puts your body into a position that will definitely highlight any inefficient movement patterns. It will give you baseline data to start programming mobility drills into your workouts. Always work on improving your weaknesses in order to support and strengthen your training.


Next time you hit a plateau in your training or you are getting pain in certain movements, take a step back. Look at your movement patterns, mobility drills could help.

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