Lifestyle Discovering What Motivates You

what motivates you

Have you ever thought about what motivates you to have success in any area of your life?

What did you do to make that achievement possible?
What action steps did you take to achieve your goals?
Did you study and research concepts to learn how to master what you were going after?

These are fundamental questions and strategies that must be applied to radically transform your health. Being very clear on why you need to get healthy will help to pull you through the moments when you don’t want to workout or when your schedule get busy. Your reason must be extremely compelling to you.

I have learned that for some simply stating that I need to get healthy because of a medical condition is not enough. You must really take time to mediate on this and create non-negotiable reasons why you will not give up on yourself. Pick up where you left off! Life will happen, but when it happens you must fight against it. After all, your life is on the line. You are worth more than any excuse.

On the days that I don’t want to workout, I am motivated by you. I understand that I have an entire generation counting on me to lead them into reclaiming their lives. I have trained my mind to move pass how I feel to do what I know is right. You can do it, too.

Start your day by thinking about how you will look and feel when you get to your goal weight.

Think about all of things that you have been waiting to do if only you were smaller.

Begin to think about what you get with this new lifestyle not what you will give up.

What will motivate you to keep going?

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