Lifestyle Creating Your Foundation In 5 Simple Steps

Foundation by definition, is the basis or ground work of anything. Creating your own foundation is fundamental to your success in every aspect in your life. Either you are desiring to lift heavier, run faster, get a promotion or find love, creating YOUR foundation is key.

Why you should create your own foundation

How can you achieve all those amazing things without knowing who you are, what you are doing, and how you are doing it? ¬†How can you achieve success when you don’t recognize where you are starting. How can you celebrate milestones when you are unaware of your base?

In creating your foundation, I’m giving you 5 simple steps to apply in all aspects of your life that you can implement them right away!

  1. It all starts with YOU – Are you ready to be honest with you? Are you ready to take a step back and see where your life is really at? Are you ready to be vulnerable with yourself? When starting to build a foundation you want it to be STRONG. You want it to hold up in all elements. Thus, you need to be honest with yourself. Painting a pretty picture of where you are will set you back. Being honest, will give you the foundation. Be honest with where you are at and be proud, because this is your starting point!
  2. Schedule it all in – Schedule your life in. And I mean ALL ASPECTS of your life. If you aren’t a scheduler then take a step back and think about if you ever miss a doctors apt or a dentist apt, have you ever missed a workout? What are the odds you have never missed a doctors apt but you have missed a workout? Pretty good. Let’s be honest! Scheduling in your workouts, your social time, your self development, networking, business building and more, gives your appointments an intention. The intention that you are invested into the task and all of your energy is focused in this appointment.
  3. Self Care – Of course I’m going to bring up self care, it’s what I advocate for! ¬†Joking aside, self care is needed and is necessary. I don’t mean working out each and every day, I mean giving yourself moments of spiritual connections, self reflection and gratitude and yes, exercising 3-5x a week in some form. Walking, running, hiking, playing, gym routine and the list goes on and on! Self care is a way to show yourself you are valuable, you are important and you are going to rise up and achieve your goals! Confidence grows with self care.
  4. Food – I have said it time and time again, you can’t build a solid foundation with crap food! Giving yourself proper nutrients is way to give your brain a head start. A few brain foods and good for your health foods are: blueberries, eggs, fish, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, broccoli and nuts. More about it in Fuel Your Mind with These 3 Steps.
  5. Communication – And I don’t mean announcing to the world you are building a new foundation of YOU! I mean sharing your vision with like minded men and women. Men and women that will push you further and support you as you rise and fall. Communicate with yourself where you are at, how you are feeling. Doing a self check in, every so often is encouraged. Check in with yourself, how does your body and mind feel and where are you desiring to go now? Communicate with your work, if you are desiring that job promotion what does it look like to you? Communicate with your personal trainer, if you are wanting stronger legs, tell them. It does no-one any service by staying quiet about your goals and dreams. Communicate them and allow your support system to help you and allow yourself to be honest with yourself.

With incorporating these 5 simple steps into your life, right now, you can create a foundation for any goal you desire. Remember to always aim high and jump further than ever before.

You are limitless, once you believe you are!

Have a wonderful day feeling alive,



Creating Your Foundation in 5 simple steps

Me, at my new beach in Costa Rica, where I train clients remotely and feel alive, every day!

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