Lifestyle 3 Steps to Starting Now

Committing now and starting now are completely different things.

Even though you may think they run parallel to each other and in a personal trainers perfect world, they do!

In reality, THEY DON’T.

I understand that there can be a time period on when registration opens and the program starts, but that doesn’t mean you can start your healthy lifestyle NOW. Doesn’t mean that you get a free pass until that START DATE. Start moving towards a healthy YOU NOW.

Starting now a fitness routine is unlike any other commitment

Why? Because it PUSHES you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to be vulnerable and uncomfortable.

The conditions some men and women make on committing to a program require more than committing to marriage!

I’ve heard every condition under the sun on WHY NOT TO START today:

  • It’s going to snow tomorrow
  • I ate like crap today I’ll start in a couple days
  • I have an event coming up
  • I don’t have the right shoes
  • I don’t have time right now (PS everyone has time!)
  • It’s Thursday, I’ll just start Monday

And so on.

3 Steps to Starting Now

Today, I’m giving you 3 steps to COMMITTING AND STARTING NOW

… and not put conditions on your start date.

  1. Have everything ready to start, when you start to look into a fitness program, make sure you have everything needed for it. When you say “I’m committing” YOU COMMIT that day! Start making intentional and healthy choices right now. Start moving your body. Even if your program doesn’t start for a few days or a week, start being intentional NOW.
  2. Write out your 30 day goals and your 3 month goals and make non negotiable’s. Attach a reward to it. If you loose 10 inches in 3 months you will give yourself a spa day. Your dates don’t change, your 30 days and 3 month goals START THE DAY YOU COMMIT, not the day you start. If your program starts in a week from now, don’t change your date. Your date starts at your commitment date!
  3. Write it out- there is a connection and a bond when the pen hits the paper. Write it out on the calendar, schedule and/or journal and hold yourself accountable. Put “DAY 1” you commit and you start that day! Pen to Paper and make it happen!

You and your body will appreciate when you are able to commit and start NOW, rather than procrastinating it and convincing yourself this is the “right” thing to do. Minimize the self talk and say “TODAY IS MY DAY TO START” and think about how great you will feel and look in 3 months from now.

Today is your day to start, START!

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