Exercise Best 15 Anti-Hunchback and Posture Correction Exercises

Posture Correction

In this article and the following video, we will show you the Best 15 Anti-Hunchback and posture correction exercises.

I have grown up, hearing my mom say “sit straight” or “don’t make a hunchback” or “drop your shoulders down”. My dad has it, most of his brothers and sisters are dealing with it. It is hereditary.

But nowadays many people are suffering from Kyphosis.

"POSTURAL KYOPHOSIS or also called a hunchback, is not only not very attractive,
it can also cause various difficulties in the body. 
It can lead to excess pressure on the spine and on the lungs, 
which can cause back and neck pain, breathing difficulties and headache.

The so-called ‘Text-Neck‘, caused by constantly hunching over smartphones and tablets, affects millions of people of all ages.

But there is a way out of this poor posture!

Over the years I have seen lots of physiotherapists and doctors because of the symptoms caused by my hunchback. Furthermore, I found a lot of help through yoga and muscle strengthening in the gym and in pilates classes. Therefore this made it easy for me to finally create my own strengthening & stretching sequence to reduce and finally get rid of the hunchback.

Before I’m going to share this sequence with you, I also want to remind you to be aware of your posture while using the phone, working on the computer, and even while walking. The following exercises will help you to get rid of your hunch, but only if you change your habits during your daily life your posture will be constantly good.

This is the first video, it is meant for beginners when muscles are weak and the spine and neck are stiff:

Posture correction exercises for Beginners:

Before you start with the video, do some total body stretching as a warm-up

  • 10x Assisted Push-Ups
  • 10 sec Plank hold
  • 10x Plank Push-Ups
  • I-Position – 10x up-down/10 sec hold/10x up-down (if you find this easy, try with weights 0.5-3.0kg)
  • Y-Position – 10x up-down/10 sec hold/10x up-down (if you find this easy, try with weights 0.5-3.0kg)
  • T-Position – 10x up-down/10 sec hold/10x up-down (if you find this easy, try with weights 0.5-3.0kg)
  • 10x Shoulder Press
  • 10x Floor Hyper Extension – Focus on the upper back
  • 10x Floor Hyper Extension – with leg raise
  • 10x Chakravakasana (alt. leg raise both sides) withhold for 10 sec in the end
  • 5x Chakravakasana with a spinal twist each side & Down-Dog
  • 10x Plank to Elbow-Down-Dog
  • 10x Chest Stretch & 10 sec hold
  • 10x Chest opener
  • Neck Stretches: Left/Right – Up/Down – Head Side Bend

This video shows one round, you can do 2-3 rounds at least 3 days a week:

Enjoy, have fun and sweat!

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