Nutrition Becoming Calorie Aware

Calorie Aware

Becoming Calorie Aware

Consuming more calories than you burn off on a daily basis leads to?

Fat Gain.

In order to lose body fat we must consume fewer calories than your body burns each day until we have reached our desired goal.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? it’s not that easy but let me teach you a little more on becoming calorie aware!

Not everyone I going to whip out the food scales for every bite that enters their mouth. If you can manage it great! you won’t get a more accurate measurement when prepping your own meals and snacks if that’s the case.

In today’s environment tracking every last calorie you consume on a daily basis is almost impossible but we can give it our best shot if you want results! We love to go out meet up with friends and family, have some wine and maybe some cheese or ice cream. These are moments in life you should enjoy and embrace I am not here to try to take that away from you.

Our problem in today’s society is over-consuming the foods wee enjoys and most of us do it there is no denying it! Even worse than that, the foods we love the most are so frigging high in calories it’s to the point of being unfair. Instead of all these in house social gatherings we could choose something that involves being more active! Walk, swim, cycle whatever is going to get you out and get you moving!

Checking food labels:

Yes, it’s ok to pick something up off the shelf, look at it for its nutritional values to see what you are dealing with! Get into this habit if you are not already!!

Manual Measurements: 

Forget the scales for the moment, as I said before they are most accurate but not everyone’s cup of tea! One brilliant method that has been around for some time now and will be for another while is using your hand to measure portions! Yes your hand

  • Your palm determines your protein portions.
  • Your fist determines your veggie portions.
  • Your cupped hand determines your carb portions.
  • Your thumb determines your fat portions.

Drinking Calories:

Alcohol, fruit juices, fizzy drinks (unless 0 cal), sugar in your coffee or tea! All contain calories!

We know how easy it is to get carried away on the beers or glasses of vino don’t we? I’m not here to lecture anyone on their alcohol intake but I will say one thing. It is extremely difficult to see positive results if over-consuming alcohol on a weekly basis. You can opt for lower-calorie drinks of course, I drink gin & slimline tonic and enjoy it! but like every alcoholic drink besides the calories comes the goddam hangover. When we are hungover what do we want? greasy foods, sweets, crisps, chocolate you name it, we want it! You see then what construction binge drinking can cause.

You may enjoy a tin of coke or 2 every day, maybe even 3 or 4! 138 calories in 1 tin of coke, and some of us don’t even realize! 138 Calories won’t tip the scale, of course, it won’t, but what about 2-3 tins on top of all other calories consumed in that one day? Adds up. Opt for low-zero calorie drinks when snooping in the fridge again.

For a healthy well balanced diet we should not cut food groups out. We should allow for them and base majority of our food choices towards our desired goals. 






Work on monitoring your calories a little better every day and soon you will learn and start to see results and what works best for you!

A healthy Diet is one of joy, not one of rejection and denial. If you want to eat for health, you should have nothing to do with the creation of arbitrary, senseless rules and certainly never feel the slightest  guilt over an occasional Indulgence.


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