Wellness Becoming a Better Version of Yourself Requires Patience


When on the journey of trying to be a healthier and better you, it takes a lot of patience. Many people fail not because they can’t or could not do what was needed. It’s because many want what they want right now. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. You have to be strong enough to let go and come out of your comfort zone, as well as be willing enough to wait for what you deserve.

Patience allows everything to come together in due time.

Some things are not meant to happen overnight. Some things are meant to be a journey so you can grow from it. For example, putting on weight does not happen overnight. Even though some of you are probably saying it felt like it. Therefore, losing weight does not either. With that being said there are people who lose weight fast which most of the time is the wrong and unhealthy way to do it. That is a whole other blog. Save that for another time. First, understand life can happen to all of us. So don’t beat yourself up that you have gained weight or etc. Focus that you are taking the first step in making a change.

Sometimes many people associate patience with the ability to wait. I think having the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting demonstrates a lot of patience and develops your faith. God gives you strength for the unknown and the known. When you start getting impatient, getting worried, frustrated or etc. Remember what God said in Philippians 4: 6-7. “Don’t worry about anything, pray about everything, and thank God for all things. 7. Then you will be in the presence of God’s peace which will guide your mind and heart.” So hang in there keep pushing. This is your year and time.

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