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the Best Version of Yourself

Become the best version of yourself!

I recently realized that the most important person to take care of in my life is me. Now I say recently, but I’ve always known what just not the how and why…

Why: How can you take care of other things/people if you are always sick/injured, out of energy, or just in a bad place mentally or emotionally? It’s simple.
Answer: you can’t!


1) Fitness doesn’t just include benefits with strength, endurance, and weight loss

There are mental benefits too. Exercise boosts those feel-good chemicals that prevent symptoms of anxiety and depression, increased heart rates could reverse stress-induced brain damage, increased confidence/self-esteem Rule of thumb – no one ever felt good about not finishing a workout), and an interesting fact, when you’ve had a good workout you sleep better.

2) Nutrition

What you eat affects everything you do and how your body works! Without the proper nutrition your body:

  • Can’t function properly and as a result
  • You can’t function properly. This includes energy levels that will affect you physically (food = energy) and mentally (food = energy)

3) Recovery

This is sometimes the hardest part for me as I am a part of a large family of night owls. Not to mention I love to test my own limits. However, there has been a saying that I heard and have used myself in my martial arts career. “An injured student isn’t a training student, a student not training isn’t a student.”

Now expand this idea…if you are sick/injured or so tired you can’t function, something isn’t right. You didn’t get enough sleep, you didn’t cool down properly after working out, you didn’t rehydrate or eat properly, you didn’t set aside time to just relax and decompress. Recovery will make or break the rest of your day, week, month, or year (depending on the extent of repercussions of improper recovery).

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