Wellness Bariatric Surgery and Importance of Exercise

Although Bariatric Surgery helps to lose weight, exercise shouldn’t be set aside.

should i exercise after Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery, or weight-loss surgery has become popular among people trying to lose weight but are having difficulty. If a qualified surgeon feels that you are a suitable candidate for one of the varying types of bariatric surgery, there is no doubt it has been explained to you that a major change in lifestyle will likely be required. You may wonder however, “will exercise need to be a part of my new lifestyle?” Since the surgery is designed to help with weight loss you might even ask, “will exercise even be necessary?” or “am I even going to be able to exercise after this type of surgery?”

Bariatric Surgery Explained

First of all, it is important to understand how weight-loss surgery works. Bariatric procedures reduce the amount of food the stomach can contain using varied methods. This reduction creates a condition in which the body can no longer absorb certain nutrients- malabsorption.

With this state of malabsorption in mind, it is easy to see that one’s nutritional habits will play a major role in how successful any type of the bariatric procedures will be. High quality foods will be important since the body no longer absorbs nutrients the way it did before the surgery. Since the procedure reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold, the amount of calories a person can consume is also reduced.

Although the surgery causes lower caloric and nutrient intake, results might be only limited and temporary. This might be if a person is counting on bariatric surgery alone. However, eating healthy foods can encourage weight loss.

Importance of Exercise

Weight loss surgery of any kind is not a cure or a magic bullet that kills the process of fat storage in the body.Developing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight reveals the truth. There is no substitute to physical activity in tandem with responsible eating habits.

For some individuals bariatric surgery is an effective tool in building a healthier lifestyle. But having a regular routine of physical training is a tried and true tool that allows us to build muscle mass, strengthen bones, improve cardiovascular endurance. All of which allows the body to burn fat in a safe and sustainable manner. When combined, weight-loss surgery and exercise allow one to have a lasting change in lifestyle for the good.

Choosing the Right Activity Level

An exercise regime that follows the guidelines set by your surgeon will help ensure that you obtain the long lasting results you were looking for from your procedure. After surgery, it is obvious that any type of physical activity should be light and approved by your doctor. There is no one size fits all method in developing a plan to fit your individual circumstance. Hence, enlisting the aid of a professional trainer can be useful.

In any case, starting gradually is key. Five to ten minute walks might be all you can do at first. Progressively increase the amount of time you walk and maybe even the pace. As you make progress, it is important to go beyond cardiovascular activity and include resistance training as well.

Resistance training is crucial in building and maintaining muscle mass. Set goals and write them down. Make sure they are specific and measurable goals. Change up your training routine from time to time so you don’t get bored. It is also important to remember that exercise shouldn’t be painful but intense enough to raise your heart rate and stimulate muscle growth. This doesn’t mean you have to try to build a bodybuilder’s physique. But by building adequate muscle mass we can maintain a healthy metabolism. This in turn, is key to burning excess fat and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Developing a training program that has the proper balance of cardiovascular and resistance training will go a long way in helping you to get the most out of any bariatric procedure you and your doctor feel appropriate for you.

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