Lifestyle B.YOU.T.LICIOUS Inside & Out at Every Age & Stage!

B.YOU.T.LICIOUS Inside & Out at Every Age & Stage!

B.YOU.T.LICIOUS Inside & Out at Every Age & Stage!

As a woman, it is so easy to get caught up in the size of our jeans, obsessing about the number on the scale, and the impact it will all have on our acceptance and desirability. When we are younger and in our 20’s it’s easier to obtain the “ideal” while eating what we want. Then something changes, almost overnight in your mid 30’s/40’s and it’s like you don’t even recognize the body you are in. You just look at food and seem to gain 10lbs! Then, if you have lived by the disease of society’s concept that acceptance is based solely on an outer shell, you can find your self-esteem plummet! What do you do now? How does one truly shine through all the ages and stages of life feeling amazing inside and out every step of the way?

We get taught all about the big changes that will happen to our bodies in adolescence, but rarely are we prepared or educated for the equally life-altering changes that will come with menopause. Even worse, you think you have forever to worry about that phase of life when in reality, the stage just before it in your mid 30’s & 40’s includes drastic changes to your weight, skin, energy levels, and hormones leaving you baffled as to what is happening to you.

My dear, if you are in your mid 30’s/40’s and know what I am talking about, then this article is for you.

This is when the beginning stages of hormone changes can start, kind of like being a pre-teen all over again except in a way more drastic way! If you know what is happening and how to manage it then it will be a breeze and you will rock it. Knowledge is power!

If you are finding yourself exhausted, gaining weight (especially around the middle) that is difficult to lose even with exercise and a healthy diet, difficulty sleeping, sudden mood swings/anxiety/depression out of nowhere, persistent acne, loss of muscle mass, excessive sweating, brain fog, digestion problems, vaginal dryness, and/or have a lower sex drive you may be having hormone imbalances and already starting subtle shifts towards menopause! Your cortisol/stress levels are likely through the roof!

“Say What!”

I know, you are too “young” or so you think.

Something that more women need to understand is that you are at a crucial crossroads to how your later years are going to be for you. Now is the time to keep your insulin and cortisol levels in balance. You are getting a new body and what you used to do to stay fit likely won’t work as well now. You need a new education and plan so that you can rock that body of yours at every age and stage and not all coaches or personal trainers understand this.

So here are some tips for you:

1. Slow Down, Breathe, Be Present

You have been taught to “go, go, go” through your teens and early adulthood. The symptoms you are having are just your body trying to tell you that you are in a new stage of rest and relaxation. It’s time to SLOW DOWN, BREATHE, BE PRESENT! Meditation, yoga, leisure walks, a nap, a bubble bath, and a massage are all now crucial parts of your new “exercise” routines.

2.  Have a Balance of Exercise and Meditation

These activities all help lower your cortisol levels. High cortisol levels are a signal to your body that there is potential for danger and to HOLD ON TO WEIGHT! So if you go working out for an hour a day every day you will actually increase your cortisol levels and not lose a pound, you may even find yourself still gaining. Believe it or not but less is more in this phase of your life! Min 3 times a week rest and relaxation is necessary!

3. Eliminating Refined Carbohydrates

Eliminating refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, white rice, bread, alcohol, and foods such as bagels, pasta,  and pretzels helps the body burn stored fat and keeps insulin and blood sugar levels normal.

4. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day!

5. Get Enough Healthy Fat

A lot of women are not getting enough healthy fat. Essential fatty acids, namely omega–3 and omega–6 fats, are needed to assist the body in many important functions, including those of the brain and nervous system. Eggs, flaxseeds, salmon, and avocados are great sources of healthy fats.

6. Eat protein at each meal!

7. HIIT 3 Times a Week for 15-30 Minutes Is Best

When exercising find a HIIT program to maximize the increase in your metabolism while not over-exerting yourself and putting your body in a state of “stress” from over-exercising. HIIT 3 times a week for 15-30 minutes is best.

8. Proper Skincare

Proper skincare is a crucial part of your “exercise routine” now more than ever. Your skin is the largest organ and taking care of it is part of good health and wellness. Do a detox bath with Epson salts and essential oils once a week. Use homemade organic face masks to keep your skin glowing and radiant weekly as well. Be mindful of the products you are putting on your skin, that become absorbed into your body and disturb your hormone balance.

Mindset is also crucial

You are gorgeous! You are a WOMAN! And you are vivacious and have a life of experience, knowledge, and life all wrapped up in that gorgeous body of yours. It’s time to stop trying to go back to that adolescent body as your measuring guide to how you should look…you won’t be able to…you were a child then. Honestly, if you only just realized how all your substance makes you the “full meal deal” you would be amazed at how differently you would feel.

True beauty starts inside of you. Love yourself for who you are…the kind, funny, creative, smart person that you have always been and still are. Be YOU! Live your life fully, have fun, be positive and encircle yourself with other positive people. I promise you when you do that, your inner beauty will naturally radiate outside of you and when you match that inner care, with your outer care…you, my dear, will have mastered the art of being B.YOU.T.LICOUS from the Inside Out and the influence you will have is exponential.

This is what I am the Queen of as a Health and Life Coach…I don’t just train your “outer shell”, I train your inner self as well. It’s a package deal and requires package training!


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