Lifestyle Are you intimidated to wear a bikini at the beach?

Are you intimidated to wear a bikini at the beach?

Well, you need to know you aren’t alone.⁣ Most women I have met hate it. They’re terrified to show off their bodies.⁣ And most of the time, they end up just throwing a large T-Shirt on overtop, which just embarrasses them even more.

But wouldn’t it feel good to just show off all your hard work?⁣ And wouldn’t it feel good to walk onto that beach with confidence in yourself, showing off that bikini at the beach?

I know what you’re thinking right now: “No way it would Cole, but it’s not that easy.”⁣ Well, I’m here to tell you that it is easy.⁣

Because losing weight isn’t a problem, losing weight isn’t going to be the main thing that helps you walk on that beach in that 2 pieces swimwear. It will help, but It’s more about your mindset because you can never outwork a negative mind.⁣ Losing 20lbs won’t help you feel confident if you hate yourself. If you constantly use negative self-talk, you are shooting yourself in the foot.⁣ If you are deeply unhappy with your life. ⁣Losing weight isn’t going to help.⁣

Most women think that losing that 15,20,30+ lbs are going to transform their life.⁣ They think that it will solve all their problems, but it won’t.⁣ You need to transform your mind in order to transform your life!⁣

If you would like to rock that bikini at the beach with confidence, it all starts with conditioning your mind.⁣

So with that said, I want to leave you with 3 tips on how to work on your mindset.

  1. Practice daily appreciation. Write down 5 things you appreciate and are grateful for every day.⁣
  2. Try meditation. This will help you with things from stress to focus on the task at hand. You will be able to control your thoughts and mind to help you in the future.⁣
  3. Swallow your pride and hire someone to help you. There is nothing wrong with getting help & complaining about where you are without taking action isn’t going to do you any good.⁣

Cole DaSilva

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