Lifestyle Are Scales the Only Method for Tracking Progress?

Weight Scale - tracking progress

By using a variety of tracking methods you can greatly increase the accuracy at which you track your progress. If you place too much importance on a singular method of recording your results then this is when you will potentially start to from negative mental attitudes towards them.


Pictures paint a thousand words, and in terms of improving your body composition, a photo can be a positive reminder that you are on the right track even if the scales aren’t showing it. See our blog post on taking the best “Gym selfie” for our guide on how to consistently take the best pictures to track your progress. Check out our transformation gallery for some great examples.


If your clothes fit better, you FEEL better. We all know this, and by analyzing the way your clothes are fitting week on week you can gauge your progress and improve your own self image! Think about how your clothes are fitting, if they are tighter around your upper body and looser around your waist then chances are you are on the right track.


Ultimately losing body fat will mean losing weight for most people. It’s prevalent in the media especially in women’s magazines to demonize the scales. The reason we use scales to measure our clients progress in conjunction with the above 2 methods? We are looking to break down all previous misconception’s you’ve had with dieting, and instead use tried and tested scientific methods to get you to where you want to be.

So try using some or all of the methods above to track your progress over the next few weeks, and keep a note of your results. we have a saying here at TBT: “If you can track it, you can CHANGE it!”

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