Nutrition Are Carbs the Enemy?

Are Carbs the Enemy?

How many of you believe or have been told that carbs are the enemy? I know when I first started getting into what to eat and how everything that I researched was basically telling me that carbs were the enemy.

This is actually a very wrong accusation about carbohydrates. I believe that many people think carbohydrates are bad because they don’t use them right. When the body takes in too many carbs then it can easily start to add fat cells in many areas. This gives you the “carbs are the enemy” mentality.

Carbohydrates are actually your friend when it comes to getting strong.

Here is a very fast but helpful way of describing what happens to your body:

  • When you exercise your body needs energy. Similar to that of a car using gas to drive.
  • Since your body needs energy the easiest source of energy for it to use is sugar.
  • Sugar is actually what is made from the result of your body breaking down carbs.
    Now here is where it gets very interesting…
  • You want to lose body fat, so you need to burn calories, but how are you going to burn more calories (needing more energy) while eating less food? (less gas in the car but trying to drive it a further distance)
  • Metabolism needs to increase. Muscle actually burns calories while doing nothing. Muscle burns fat because of this.
  • In order to build muscle, your body needs Protein, Carbs and Fats. Mainly you will need protein and carbs to get stronger and build some muscle.
  • You need to use the carbs smartly but eating plenty but using them during the workout to get strong and add muscle.
  • This will increase your muscle amount, which will increase your metabolism because it’s burning more calories on a daily basis.

In conclusion, your body needs carbohydrates in order to get stronger and add muscle so that it can burn more calories which will lessen the body fat that you have.

Carbohydrates are our friend!

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