Nutrition There Are Very Few Actively Unhealthy Foods

Most weight-loss advice is futile because they OVERLOAD you with so much TINY details about the foods you should eat, it’s impossible for you to remember much of anything about it!

There Are Very Few Actively Unhealthy Foods

My advice is easy for you to remember the simple and clear benefits.

A useful web is which develops meal plans for you. It allows you to plug in the calories you want, the number of meals you want to eat, the actual macros you want to achieve, food preferences, and it will generate a meal plan for you.

There’s no such things as magic macros

It’s good to be consistent, but don’t get into the black and white thinking of being either ON MY MACROS, or I’M OFF so i might as well just give in and say screw it.

There are no foods that if eaten once, regardless of quantity, immediately and measurably damage your body. The only plausible negative effect, say with a pop tart, and other foods commonly labelled as bad is that they are relatively DEVOID of MICRONUTRIENTS, FIBER and PROTEIN.

While these foods contribute to your CALORIE & MACRONUTRIENT COUNTS, they won’t do much to satisfy your micronutrient requirements. This description is relatively accurate, but it doesn’t mean these food should be VILLAINSED and completely AVOIDED.

Be aware of that EMPTY CALORIE foods!

This can only cause issues if they completely DOMINATE your diet. It’s not that we need to remove them completely, it’s that we need to make sure that we have included the healthy foods first to ensure our bodies are nourished and taken care of.

After that, feel FREE to have the BAD FOOD which really aren’t bad at all. In moderation as this will improve your flexibility and therefore your consistency. By allowing yourself to diet while consuming a wider range of foods that might include treats in moderation, you will fell more NORMAL, have more FLEXIBILITY, less restriction and ultimately more LONG TERM adherence and success.

What do you think?