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So the first quarter of 2020 is done. How close are you to achieving the goals you set back at the beginning of the year? Close? Great! Nowhere near? Maybe you’re lacking accountability.

This word has become a buzz word for potential clients this past quarter, you see, when most people get in touch they want two things:

  • clarity and
  • accountability

Now there are two types of accountability:

  • personal and
  • external

I do well with personal accountability, but for most people, it’s not enough and they will seek it externally.

So what is it?

Basically it’s when you are held accountable by someone else e.g a coach like me.

We’re there to call you out on your lazy habits and little lies you tell yourself like when you don’t track that chocolate bar in MFP!

We’re the people that are there to give it to you straight and tell you the things you don’t like to hear. Like when you don’t lose weight and you try to tell your coach that you are hardly eating.

A good coach isn’t just there to make you feel good!

Most importantly we’re there to help you get the results you want. And if that means at times making someone feel a little uncomfortable then so be it. And my clients like that.

They like to be kept on the straight and narrow and appreciate someone with honesty rather than sugar-coating everything.

Some people have been blown away by the results that they have achieved.

The only people that don’t get results are the ones that either they:

  • don’t stick to the plan or
  • think they know best

So if you are someone that struggles with personal accountability (or lack of), that gets you nowhere, so stop time-wasting and look for some external accountability.

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