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5 workout routines that you can do from home!

Get In Shape From Home!

These past few years have been extremely difficult for everyone. Social distancing, businesses closing down, losing loved ones to the virus, the list goes on. Research has shown that stressors in quarantine have included post-traumatic stress symptoms, financial loss, boredom and frustration. One of these stressors is weight gain, and not feeling motivated to workout at home.

The more we work on ourselves, the better we will feel in the long run. Taking the first step of extra movement on your lunch break at home will add up and leave you feeling motivated to workout more. However, taking a small walk outside on your lunch for five minutes will help boost motivation in your workday. That can morph into 10min walks, 20min walks, and before you know it, you’ll be shedding the quarantine weight and feeling better about your overall self.

So, let me share with you five workout routines that you can do from home. No gym membership or transportation required!

20 Bicycle Kicks
30 Sec Elbow Planks
15 Leg Lifts
15 Russian Twists
10 Windshield Wipers
15 Mountain Climbers
Repeat x3!
15 Air Squats
20 Lateral Bounds
5x/Side Bear Crawls
Repeat for 7 minutes!
15 Alternating Reverse Lunges
15 Squat Jumps
30 Sec Elbow Planks
20 Sec Hold Bear Crawl
Repeat x4!
Wall Sit
Wall Sit with Reach
Hollow Body Hold
Superman Position
30 Sec hold for each. Repeat x4!
Jumping Jacks
Tricep Dips
Perform each for 30 seconds. Repeat x4!

It’s difficult to get back into the healthy groove of things. The first step is GET MOVING. Your future self will thank you for the choices you make today. Would you like more workouts like these, but customized to your wellbeing and schedule? I’d love to discuss your fitness goals with you! Check me out on Trainerize, Facebook, and Instagram!

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