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5 Tips to Start Meditating

Meditation, I used to think this was for Buddhist monks in a temple or tree huggers. But I want to improve as an athlete and this meant I am willing to try everything and cast aside of what I think I know and go in open-minded. Fuck this, it has changed my life! It’s such a powerful tool, but like playing an instrument you’re not starting off a pro.

Meditation means getting to know yourself. I have been meditating for 3 years now, I have had a rollercoaster of experiences. Most time in the beginning I spent just thinking about thoughts in my head, feeling like I failed. But something in me felt like I had to keep trying and I read more about it and realized its not about forcing those thoughts to be no longer there. I cannot tell you what it is, you have to experience it for yourself but it is really worth learning this and be patient.

Here are a few tips for you to start meditating and implementing this powerful habit into your life:

1. Go in open-minded

First, what you think you know about meditation doesn’t matter. Throw it out of the window, go in open-minded, and just experience what meditation is for you.

2. Expectations

Remember going open-minded, this also means not expecting to float around the living room or expecting it to all go quiet in your head. No, what probably will happen is that everything you have pushed away by distracting yourself is shouting at you to finally be heard. Let that river of thoughts flow, try not to fight it. Everything is ok.

3. Where do I start?

A good way to start is by doing guided meditations, type in Guided Meditations on YouTube, and see what ones you like! There are many different voices, so if you don’t like one find another. Another option is to put on meditation music, or no music, and just sit and keep your attention on your breath. Follow it in and out, and every time you notice yourself getting lost in a thought, lovingly bring your attention back to your breath. There is no goal, just be.

4. Intention

A good intention could be to focus on noticing where your attention is going, it is super normal to get distracted and think about that chocolate bar or stuff you still have to do. Notice it, compliment yourself on catching your attention, and lovingly bring it back to the meditation. Notice without judging, being aware is what’s important.

5. Making it a habit

Start of one day a week, 5 min each time. Celebrate your success and each week add another day, or add some time.


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