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weight loss sabotage

Here are 5 common things that usually sabotage a weight loss progress

There are way more than 5 just so you know! But these are 5 common things I hear from clients’ habits and behaviors that sabotage (stall, slow, or reverse) their weight loss progress.

1. BLTs – Bits, licks, and taste

These are small deadly bombs that add up to a lot of untracked calories over a short period of time. Suggestions to curb this habit.  Measure or weigh a serving of the food and log it, throw your kid’s leftovers away, and do not bring leftover food home from restaurants as most people pick at the leftovers and never track it.

2. Underestimate walking

Not only is walking great for general health and wellness with a substantial amount of studies to support those findings, but also just from the sheer volume of movement over a long-period of time at low impact levels will burn through stubborn fat. This should be combined with strength training. For maintenance I recommend 10,000 steps daily and for weight loss 13,000 steps daily.

3. Not tracking properly

MyFitnessPal is by far my favorite app to use for food tracking. However, you must be cautious when selecting foods that you have eaten. The green seal beside the food means that MyFitnessPal has verified the nutritional information being provided. All the others are random entries by people like you and me that may not know what macronutrients are. I came across one of my favorite Mexican restaurant dishes the other day, ACP and it had 0g of carbs, 15g fat, and 0g protein listed. Obviously there is chicken and rice in this dish! I needn’t say more.

4. Failing to get your head in the game

Be intentional with your actions. When you are at home around your scales and measuring cups, there is absolutely no reason you should not be measuring when you are in a weight-loss program. Even I measure when I am losing a few pounds for a photoshoot or something and I am pretty good at intuitive eating. This really good habit will allow you to go out to eat at restaurants and not stress about the calories or macronutrients.

5. Remaining consistent

If you do not comply or adhere to your program, the program will not fail you. But you will fail it. Weight loss programs should be designed for you to continue eating and living the lifestyle you were while losing the weight. If it cannot provide sustainability long-term, like most restrictive diets such as Keto and low-carb diets, stay clear. Give any changes you and your trainer or coach make to your nutrition or fitness programming at least 2-4 weeks before making any new adjustments.

Weight loss is a patient man’s (or women’s) game. There is no magic pill or shiny new silver bullet. Anyone offering you such wizardry should be looked at with a healthy dose of skepticism and should probably be avoided at all cost!

Stay consistent with your nutrition and fitness, re-evaluate your goals with your coach, and surround yourself with a good support group.

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