Lifestyle 3 Step Process to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Achieving Fitness Goals

3 Step Process to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Rethinking a Positive Mindset

Mental Contrasting is a “supercharged” positive thinking process used a lot for eating disorders, substance abuse, & stress-induced situations which involves:

  • Looking at the positive & negative aspects of a current situation.
  • Focuses on solution-based thinking
  • Realistic & practical approach
  • Increases problem-solving abilities

*If you don’t have time to do this now, save for later. This helped me so much.

Mental contrasting helps to prepare your mind for action by tieing your unconscious and conscious mind together.

WOOP stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, Planning

Wish – What is your desire or expectation? Ex. To be healthy, lower cholesterol, or lose 15lbs.

Outcome – The ideal state we want to be in at the end of the process. (How we feel etc.) Ex. I would be happy to be able to be healthier to see my kids get married.

Obstacles – Time for a reality check! Reflect on hurdles, and difficulties, we have to face to reach our goal. Ex. When you get home from work & don’t want to workout, or if your partner only buys junk food and is reluctant to change how will you incorporate healthier options?

Planning – create a SMART goal. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic or relevant, timely or time-bound.

Tie It All Together

STEP 1: Reflect and write down your goals. Ex. Getting fit, make more money. Make sure you prioritize the top 3 goals in order if you have lots.

STEP 2: Reflect on goal #1.
What good things come from achieving this goal?
Ex. I have more energy to play with my kids.

STEP 3: Now write down the obstacles or hurdles & how you will address or face these situations.

  • Criticism
  • Tired after work
  • Time Management

Once we can see & imagine both the best & brightest parts of our goals & the darkest parts, the grey sides of goal planning start to fade & the opportunity for us to achieve these goals opens up for us to create actionable goals we can work on.

Now go slay your goals, are you looking for a trainer?

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