Exercise Changing it up vs. Instagram Workouts

Changing it up vs. Instagram Workouts

Do you really need to just  “change it up” ?!?We often get mentally bored with our current exercise routine or nutrition routine.

In my experience, this is normally when you constantly are “restarting” over and over again with a program that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Changing it up really means:

  • Increasing sets or reps
  • Moving from unilateral movements to double leg (in order to lift more or vice versa)
  • Increasing sets
  • Increasing or decreasing rest Increasing Time under Tension (TUT)

Instagram has made random, non-evidence-based ways of “changing it up”. Which really doesn’t have any favorable outcomes or progress you towards your goals.

These include:

  • Insta fit  “multi” joint exercises doing random lifts with cans while kicking their legs out. What is this really accomplishing, think about it?
  • Tricking your muscles by switching it up all the time?! How do you get good at doing something? Repetition. So why would you keep changing what exercise you’re doing? How can you get stronger when you refuse to do the same workout twice?
  • Using a machine for a random Insta fit exercise someone made up instead of putting in the work
  • Glute bands & ankle bands help, they’re not the end all be all. Eventually, you need more weight.
  • Jumping, ropes, random plyo bullshit. Not saying it’s not effective, but it all depends on what your goals are. If you want to jump the highest or be flexible might be a great option. If your goal is fat loss or hypertrophy is it the most effective option?

Before you run off and do a random workout of the day think to yourself:

  • Education level/ certification level. Is the actual workout the person doing effective OR is the workout just for “the gram”.
  • Are they actually providing you with a solid workout & information? Also important to think about your form, previous injuries, and YOUR current fitness level.
  • Is there a better workout that you could be doing that pertains to your goals?

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