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80% of the health game is about having the right mindset!

You can look up all the diets and workouts. You can figure out what the most ‘efficient’ workouts are- and what the best diet for you might be. But the truth is, at the end of the day, it comes down to your attitude on health.

BUT this is harder to do! It takes much more effort and mindfulness to focus on your mindset and beliefs about your health and your body.

So let’s keep it simple! Here are 3 key frameworks to start with to keep your health moving forward:

Treat Your Health Like an Experiment

When things go wrong, do you freak out? When you suddenly stop going to the gym— or when you break your habit— does it feel like the end of the world? Or do you see it as a chance to learn?

Consider the scientist- who conducts experiments for months (even years) before they get a good result. An experimenter expects to fail and get things wrong 90% of the time. Every time they mess up, they learn something new.

Treat your health the same way.

The most practical way to start this?

Keep a journal, track your progress, makes notes, and adjust your health as you go. Over time you’ll identify patterns, and know your body better

Build a Strong Accountability Network

The truth is: People keep people healthy.

Not apps,

Nor workouts,

Not diets!

We are social beings, and we thrive in strong communities and networks. Being part of a community gives us a sense of belonging and purpose It provides us with the emotional and mental support to pursue our goals, fail safely, and continue to grow.

Include your friends, family, and support groups in your health goals. They can encourage you, push you, and keep you accountable.

Focus on Showing Up Regularly

When things get busy, health is ALWAYS the first thing to disappear. It’s weird- but we always feel like we can cut corners with health. It must be something in human nature.

I make it a point to keep health time SACRED. It’s the MOST valuable thing I do in 1 day. There’s no other way around it. It’s the one thing where you have to put in the time, show up and keep going through the process.

It’s the most important thing for me.

My favorite way of thinking about this?

Schedule your workouts like appointments in your calendar. Make them non-negotiable. You wouldn’t skip an appointment with your boss. Or you wouldn’t skip out on a doctor’s appointment.

But your health appointments are just as important for your well-being as those. So do the same for your workouts. Treat it like non-negotiable appointments that you set with yourself.


When it comes to a healthy mindset, these are the key frameworks

  1. Be a health experimenter
  2. 2. Focus on social support
  3. 4. Commit yourself to showing up
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