Lifestyle 10 Tips for Staying Motivated

Staying motivated and inspired is hard sometimes!


We’ve all been there – you’re going strong in your fitness routine for a couple months and then everything starts to lose momentum. You start missing workouts. You start being more lenient on your diet. You stop pushing yourself to improve.

It happens. I’ve totally been there. In fact, I’d say that I’m there right now as I’ve spent the last 9 months growing a human in my body (not able to go hard with workouts and craving all the salty things).

Thankfully, I know that we’re not stuck in this blah state.

I want to share with you some of my most helpful tips for staying motivated:

1. Make a plan

This is super important. Make a plan. Write it down. Know what workouts you are doing for at least the next week. If you have a written plan, you’re way less likely to skip out.

2. Set long and short-term goals

Long term goals are great, but sometimes they feel so far away and unattainable. So in addition to your big goal, for example: “lose 20 lbs”, set some monthly or weekly goals: “complete all of my planned workouts” or “run for 20 minutes without walking”. This will help you to feel like you’re making progress in the short term, which is motivating.

3. Get someone to hold you accountable

Workout buddies are fantastic. You can push each other and make sure you both show up every day. If you can’t find someone to come to the gym with you, find someone you can check in with. You can do that over text or Snapchat or Instagram. Figure out what works for you.

4. Take progress pictures

This goes back to #2. Seeing progress is motivating. So take a “before” picture, and then take pictures every couple weeks to check in with your progress.

5. Follow inspiring accounts on social media

Sometimes social media gets a bad rep for being unrealistic and bad for morale. While I agree that is true sometimes, I think that if you follow the right people, it can be immensely beneficial. I have met women whom I have become actual friends with via Instagram (no joke, like they’ve stayed at my house for a week when they came in town). I’ve also found excellent recipes and discovered new exercises to vary up my go-tos.

6. Prep for your meals and your workouts in advance

We usually prep food on Sundays and Wednesdays. And then I like to pack my gym bag/lay out my running outfit the night before. This gives me less of an excuse to bail on my healthy routine, because I’m already prepared.

7. Create a playlist

Create a music playlist that really pumps you up! Spotify has a bunch of different workout playlists, if you don’t have time to create your own. I enjoy their Beast Mode playlist for my lifting workouts.

8. Write down responses to your excuses

Write down the common excuses you come up with for not workout out or for eating junk. And then respond to them with why that isn’t a good excuse. This way, when you’re feeling unmotivated, you can motivate yourself.


  • I’m too tired
    • No. You can wake up. As soon as you get your feet on the ground, you’ll feel so much better. And if not, you can go to bed earlier tonight.
  • I don’t have the supplies ready
    • Next time, pack supplies in advance, but today, make it work.
  • It’s raining/cold/snowing/too windy
    • Work out in your apartment or at the gym.
  • It’s that time of the month
    • You can’t skip a whole week every month. That’s excessive. You can do this.

Tape these to the back of your door or hang them on your bulletin board.

9. Find workouts you can do at home

There are lots of options for at-home workouts when you aren’t wanting to go outside. You can try a HIIT workout, or an online yoga class at Yogaglo. You can do some body weight strength exercises or if you have dumbbells at home you can use those!

Lots of options here. It’s good to have a back up plan for when you get rained out.

10. Think about who you might be inspiring

No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, there is most likely someone in your circle that feels inspired by you — your progress, your commitment, your ability to make time in your busy schedule. Think about them. Continue to inspire them!

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