Nutrition Eating Healthier: 10 Rules of Dining Out

Learn how to start eating healthier even at restaurants!

Did you know that those who eat out regularly consume, on average, 15-50% more calories than those who eat in?

eating healthier

If you love to start eating healthier at restaurants, here are 10 easy-to-follow rules to fulfilled and on track with your fitness goals:

1. Never go starving

You will not spoil your dinner if you have a small snack before eating out.

2. Don’t order an appetizer 

They contain enough calories to be a meal.

3. Try not to snack on the bread

To start eating healthier, ask the server not to bring it to the table, and request some olives (or similar) instead.

4. Always choose options that are grilled, baked, steamed or raw.

This will ensure you steer clear of high fatty foods.

5. Always ask for the sauce or dressing on the side

The sauces or dressings are often very high in sugar and fats, and should be used minimally. Having it on the side allows you to control how much you use.

6. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to make substitutions to your meal

Ask for double the steamed vegetables (without oil or butter) instead of the starchy options (e.g. rice, potato, chips). Ignore comments from family or friends, ask them to be supportive of your efforts.

7. Eyeball your portion start eating healthier

If your protein meal is larger than a deck of cards or the palm of your hand, simply cut it in half. Ask for a side plate and transfer the leftovers before you begin to eat. Just because the food is there does not mean you have to eat it. Ask a server to wrap it up and have it for lunch the next day.

8. Wrap it first

Sometimes it is difficult to stop yourself from devouring all that is on your plate. Simply ask your server to wrap a half your meal before they even bring it to the table. This will eliminate any temptation and will not test your willpower!

9. Read between the lines

Just because a meal choice is in the ‘healthy’ or ‘low carb’ section does not mean that it is balanced.

10. Don’t forget the principles you now practice at home

Going out for dinner is not an excuse to abandon the rules or have a free-for-all eat-a-thon. Have fun, be human and still try to make balanced and nutritious choices!

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