Lifestyle Workout Results: How Long Does It Take?

2018 is looming and with it the perennial dash of achieving a total new look for your body, be it to bulk up or lose weight. A curious question for all beginners is to wonder how long does it realistically take to see the workout results.

In a perfect world, the results would be instantaneous.  Instead, the actual answer might be disappointing to many.

Workout Results

Body transformation is a game of hormone and contrary to those speedy transformation picture you see on the net, it might take a lot more longer to achieve your desired look. Hormones takes a long time to adapt to new changes in lifestyle and nutrition and changing things too drastically spells disaster. I have encounter lots of clients coming in and be all hung-ho, skimping on meals and blasting cardio day and night only for the result to come crashing down equally as fast.

Diet too much and you will go into starvation mode and all your progress will go into a halt. Yes, you may argue that you lose a few kg during the first few weeks of training, but really its just a de-bloat effect from taking in less carbs and salt.

Actual fat loss takes way longer time to set in.

workout results

Yes, it takes 6 months!

Having said that, I normally would inform my clients it takes about six months of consistent training to see results. The first three months will come in the form of improved fitness and strength, while the subsequent month will bring about a visual change in physique. To put it in the context of numbers, it would be around 2 kg per month if you are on a weight loss plan +/-.

Now the question is: are you ready to work your socks off for 6 months?

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