Exercise Women and Weights

Women and Weights

There is a different vibe in gyms across the country, I’m seeing and reading about it more than ever. Women are lifting weights. Have you been to your local gym lately and find it hard to get to the squat rack? Well, the odds are it’s already taken. You see, women are now feeling the benefits of hitting the weights. After decades of being told, you will become too “masculine” or “bulked up,” women are taking to the gym!

For the longest time, women have been told to worry more about their weight, instead of their overall health. They were told to leave muscle to men, and just worry about being thin. Women today want bigger glutes and quads. They want core strength and power. They want better functional movement and the ability to do basic life things without pain. Not only can women benefit highly from strength training it will literally give you the shape you want, without all the dieting and restrictive behavior.

Here are 6 reasons women should lift weights!

  1. Build Muscle- There is only one way to build muscle and that is strength training. Women are beginning to see just how unnecessary their weight scales are, and finally seeing the benefits of burning fat and building muscle.
  2. Burns more calories- The more muscle, the more calories required to fuel your body. Muscle cells require more calories than fat cells.
  3. Makes you stronger- Think about all the things you must do throughout the day. Wouldn’t it be nicer if lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, walking, and running were easier? Lifting weights will also strengthen your bones. Added strength brings better balance as well.
  4. Stress Relief- One of the greatest treatments for stress and Anxiety is working out. Strength training is a great release.
  5. Improved Sleep- Strength training greatly increases your chances of getting better quality sleep. It is also said that working out helps older adults with memory and cognitive function.
  6. The RIGHT CURVES- All women are after the right curves, am I right? Lifting weights will help with that by burning off all that excess body fat. In the process you will be building muscle and developing the curves you’ve been dreaming about!

Look, women are deadlifting, squatting, pressing, pushing their way to better versions of themselves. Burning body fat and building muscle will give you the physique you are looking for and the foundation for a better life going forward. It’s about time those myths were busted! Let’s get to it, Ladies!


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