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winter motivation

We can all find it hard to get motivated at this time of year, especially in colder climates. I have just got back to the UK from Dubai and have massive respect for all who get motivated in this freezing weather. Winter motivation could be hard to get.

With all the best intentions, motivation can easily be sucked away with one look outside to either grey rainy weather or a bitter, frosty morning.

So what can we do to help keep us motivated?

1. Schedule it in

This is something that isn’t necessarily specific to winter, but if you make time for that workout, you really are less likely to miss it.

2. Have a backup

If you were planning on going running and it’s horrible weather outside, what could you do instead? There are loads of things you could do in the house, could be some mobility or even a bodyweight circuit. The internet is full of home workouts you can do.

3. Join a gym

There is quite a lot of affordable gym around, where you can go whatever the weather. Or some more upmarket ones, with pools and saunas, etc, I spent many a night when I lived in Newcastle lazing in the jacuzzi after a workout!

4. Schedule it in with friends

I talk about this a lot, but you are more likely to stick to something even if you’re not feeling it if you plan it with a friend or two.

5. Remind yourself of why you’re doing it

If you think about why you wanted to start exercising when you are thinking about quitting, it should give you the motivation to persevere. If you also think about how you will feel afterward too this can spur you on.

6. Make sure you have the right gear

If you’re heading out, it’s more than likely going to be cold- make sure that you have a kit that is suitable. A kit that is lightweight but is engineered to keep the heat in. Gloves are a must for me, literally cannot concentrate on anything if my hands are cold! Also if you are running on roads remember to keep safe by wearing a reflective kit so that you will be seen by passing cars.

7. Use some technology

Whether it’s Strava or the Nike run app, this can be really motivating for some people. Strava has segments where you can compete with others to run that part of the course with others. You can also post to social media when you have finished, which can really motivate some people.

8. Try something new

You may really hate being out in the cold, so guess what? Good news! You don’t have to do it. You could sign up for something you have never done before, like a dance class, yoga, pilates or spinning. Or you never know, you might discover a new passion!

So there we go a few ideas to keep us motivated in the winter months! I will definitely be using some of these tips during my time in the UK over the festive period!

Keep it healthy (and warm)!!

-Angela from Virtual Personal Training

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