Exercise Why You Should Workout Outdoors

Why You Should Workout Outdoors

Outdoor workouts are increasing in popularity because the feeling you get from working out outdoors is something you can’t achieve while working out indoors. At least for me when I workout outdoors I feel more accomplished and refreshed after the workout. I find it important to incorporate variety into your workout programs and this is a way to accomplish that.

What I Enjoy

I enjoy outdoor workouts because of the fresh air, which makes it easier to breathe and is more relaxing. The changing landscape is also another thing I like especially when doing cardio. It is nice to have variety such as hills, scenery, and surface type. Who likes being stationary on a treadmill having a fan blowing sweaty gym air in your face?


I have become an advocate for trail running, it not only gets you outside but it also helps build additional muscles, unlike a treadmill. For example, ankle strength is not built on a treadmill due to the flat surface, running on a trail will due to the rocks and rugged landscape. It is also easier on your joints, when running outside you have a natural forward lean, on a treadmill you are more upright which is harsher on your kinetic chain.

It is also enjoyable to find new trails around where you live and when you are traveling for new and exciting experiences! Grab a buddy or your dog and go for a run! I have included one of my favorite outdoor workouts below.

Try This!


Try this workout and let me know how you liked it! (Use the chat feature on my site and let me know!)

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