Nutrition What’s Your MPH (Metabolism Per Hour) ?


Today I have an important question for you:

How fast are you going with your metabolism?

Do you know your MPH?  MPH, of course, stands for Metabolism Per Hour.

MPH is another methodology for tracking our diet and metabolism while staying within our caloric goals.  Many of you reading this email are no strangers to dieting and therefore have experimented with reduced caloric intake and calorie goals.  The idea, then, is to take your daily allotted calories and divide them by the time you’ll spend awake for the day.

Let’s use myself as an example:

I am a 31-year-old male who exercises 5 times per week.  Putting my information into a TDEE calculator, determines that I need ~2,800 calories per day.

Assuming I sleep for 8 hours per day and am awake for 16 hours: 2,800 / 16 = 175 calories per hour to maintain my current body weight.

Now let’s look at an imaginary client that might resemble a typical client.  Let’s say a 50-year-old woman works out 2 times per week with a TDEE of 2,200 calories.

That gives us an MPH of 138 calories per hour to maintain their weight.  But wait, they are on a diet because they want to lose weight.

Let’s give them a calorie goal of 1,700 calories per day.  Their new MPH is 106 calories per hour.

Does this mean she needs to eat 106 calories every hour?  Of course not.

So how does knowing our MPH help us?

Hopefully, this just gives you all a new perspective that you can use to self-regulate your food intake and your overall metabolism.

Using the imaginary training client as an example again, if this person knows her MPH is 106 calories per hour and her lunch is 530 calories, that is 5 hours of energy she is consuming and should not eat again before that time elapses.

If she eats a banana that is ~100 calories, she should not eat anything else for another hour.

As always, I believe having every trick at your disposal helps your chances of succeeding and I hope that for some of you, this clicks!

Mike Doyle Training

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