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Body Fat

There are many factors that will contribute to achieving your goals and lose body fat. A well-designed workout program with individualized resistance training, cardio, HIIT, rest, motivation, specific goals and your why. Make sure your plan realistically fits your daily schedule. To synchronize it well in your day is an important factor as well. Also, performing exercise programming that you enjoy will make a huge difference in your success. Likewise having accountability and professional guidance are also a must.

But let’s focus on the one thing that will truly make or break your ability to obtain your target body fat percentage. Calories! If you are not regularly burning more calories than you are consuming on a daily basis then all your hard work and money spent on training will diminish your ability to see those new muscle lines, abs, and new body tone that you are working so hard for.  You will, however, get stronger, fitter, in better health, and feel better.

You will need to be even more diligent with your food intake than you are with your workouts.

Also, you may workout 4-6 days a week, but you eat 30-40 times a week. All those calories count! Making sure you are on a well-designed nutrition program that works best for you will amplify your progress. There are many options to choose from such as macro counting, keto, paleo, low carb, high protein, mediterranean, and so on. All of which are great when eaten within the proper calorie range for your body type.

Knowing your basal metabolic rate is a crucial first step in this process. This can be done by a number of equations or tests. An example is the Inbody composition test. Your Coach may be able to calculate this for you or guide you to a local resource to get tested. Once your basal metabolic rate has been determined your Coach can begin to create the proper calorie range for you to be in so that you burn that unwanted body fat on a daily basis.

Once you know how many calories to eat you need to make sure that you know how many calories are going into your body. Guessing is not the way! You need to measure and track your food. The details matter and the diligence you put into it will pay dividends in the results you achieve. There are also many apps that can connect to your trainerize program such as the myfitness pal or fitbit apps. These apps will enable you to log the food you measure and then enable your Coach to follow your calorie intake. Your success matters to us so make sure you are taking the time every day to dial in the details of your food intake and watch your body transform!

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