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What to Do When You Are Not With Your Trainer

Goals. Plan. Habit. Support. Then do it.

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Hi! If you’re reading this post, you probably have a trainer or attend some sort of fitness class once (if not multiple times) a week and I am so excited and proud of you for it! That is a commitment and it’s pretty awesome that you are committing to your health to make that investment!

So you can probably tell by the title of this post, but one of the biggest questions I get asked as a trainer – what do I do on the days I’m not with you?

Don’t you wish that one or two sessions a week would be all you needed to reach your goals? Yeah, me too. But that’s just not the case! Our bodies are made to move on a daily basis – so that’s what we have to do. That definitely doesn’t mean we need to be doing a crazy tough workout every day, but it does mean, we have to be doing something.

Working with a trainer or taking classes on a weekly basis is a great way to learn new things, push yourself and keep yourself accountable, but we can’t stop there! You’re investing too much to not be seeing results, so let’s chat about how you can take control of those days between your trainer/class days and build a consistent routine.

1. Refer Back to Your Goals

When it comes down to it, remember why you started! What I love to do is write those goals down. Keep them posted where I can see them and refer back to them every day. Goals change often and that’s great! So keep with it, make it a monthly practice to check back in with your goals and establish why you are doing what you do each day – this will not only help keep you motivated but bring you to acknowledge & celebrate when you achieve those goals!

2. Establish Your Personal Home Plan with Your Trainer

If you are working one-on-one with a trainer, be comfortable in asking them for a take-home plan! I have created dozens of plans for my clients to stay on track outside of their sessions with me. I am just as invested in their workouts outside of our sessions as I am during! Some of my clients are diligent about keeping up with their program on those in-between days – others not so much. So if you struggle with this, know that you are not alone – but these days matter so let’s change that habit!

*Need a take-home fitness program? Let’s Chat! We can decide together if a specific plan catered to you is what you need or maybe something semi-scaled. I’d love to hear from you!

3. Create a Habit Transformation Mindset

Sounds fancy? Sure most of us want to be consistent in our workout plan day in and day out – but how do we make it happen?  You’ve probably heard it over and over, but it all comes down to creating a healthy mindset around your fitness and wellness goals. Let’s not underestimate the effectiveness of the basics when they are completed consistently!

My goal is to help you create a consistent workout and nutrition schedule that works with your lifestyle and budget (eating well doesn’t have to equal high prices). These types of healthy rituals, along with your weekly/biweekly workout sessions with your trainer will lead to the success you are looking for! That’s what I’m talking about!

I believe in this Habit Transformation Mindset so greatly, that I created this simple Step-by-Step program for you that you can refer to anytime. Just click here to download the PDF for free! Have you heard of Habit Stacking? It’s effective & fun! I explain all about it in the program so be sure to download it here!

4. Accountability Is Key (plus it’s way more fun)


Be honest with yourself here – you probably signed up to work with a personal trainer or fitness program because you love the accountability aspect. You have an appointment – you are investing in showing up and getting your work done! So we have to create a similar accountability relationship on your days off.

Whether it’s working out with your significant other, best friend, neighbor, mom group, etc. you are much less likely to bail on your workout if you are meeting up with someone to complete it! And they will probably love that you are asking them to keep you accountable because they need the exact same thing! It also ends up being way more fun, flies by and you get a little socializing in too – I am so down for that!

5. Schedule Your Workouts in Your Calendar

This may seem too simple or even silly – but girl, you gotta do this! I am telling you from personal experience, if it’s not in my calendar, shit doesn’t get done! And I can almost bet on the fact that you are the exact same way.

just move fitness calendar

Schedule those workouts at the beginning of the week and put them in your calendar with a reminder. Some days you may only be able to squeeze in a 30-minute workout instead of an hour, but that is totally okay – just make it happen! The worst workout is the one you didn’t do, so let’s make it happen and never miss your workout!

I hope these tips gave you the little push you needed to remember why you started your fitness journey and how you can implement a routine to stay on track the days you don’t have me by your side!

Whether you are looking for a personalized program, or simply need someone to chat with about your fitness goals – I am just a chat away so please reach out with any questions!

And don’t forget to download your Free Habit Transformation Mindset PDF Here.


Deanna B, NASM Personal Trainer

Fitness Coach/ Online Fitness / Fitness Nutrition

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