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What comes to mind when you hear the words “ health coach”?

Have you ever left a routine doctor appointment with instructions from your doctor to lose weight, exercise more, or cut sugars and lower your salt intake just to feel overwhelmed or confused about where to start?

Do you have health issues that you contend with daily and find yourself wondering if this will be a life sentence?

Are you worried that rising healthcare costs will start to have a significant impact on your budget and start to deplete your life savings that are supposed to carry you for the rest of your life?

Are you experiencing a plateau in your fitness goals and feel frustrated by your lack of progress?

If these examples (or anything else that came to mind) resonate with you, read on!

What comes to mind when you hear the word “coach”?

Most people tend to think of sports. The job of a coach is highly recognized and respected in our society especially when it comes to our beloved sports teams.

Coaches take on the role of providing guidance to players to excel in their sport. In short, coaches help their players win! In the same vein, health coaches help their clients win in the area of health and wellbeing.

Health coaches work directly with their clients to identify areas of concern and create strategies that will help the clients arrive at their goals.

Health coaching is constructed from the principles of Positive Psychology. Here coaches are taught not to look for what is “wrong” or what can be “fixed”. They will show clients what is “right” and how their strengths can be harnessed and utilized.

Through the employment of motivational interviewing, coaches help clients realize that they hold the answers. That’s simply because they are the experts in their own lives.

Health Coaching is not talk therapy. Coaches will not dig around in your past. Although, be prepared to address those current day behaviors or habits that are hindering you from fully enjoying your life.

In conclusion, health coaching is not a prescription that will fix you, but rather a methodology that will empower you.

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