Exercise Training Partners 101

Training Partners 101

This is probably the best advice I will ever give you.

How to find a Training Partner 101. And by training partner I don’t mean a friend that sits in the corner of the gym on his or her phone, pretending to be interested in what you’re doing. I mean someone who actually wants to go to the gym, to ya know, exercise?

So here it is.

Go to your local gym, and choose your person. Yes, that’s it. That’s the key.

For years I tried to drag friends to the gym with me, and that was my first mistake. I made them go, I dragged every single person there kicking and screaming. They didn’t actually want to go! We may have had a million other things in common, but exercising was not one of them.

These girls right here are my squad:

Did I know them before I started going to the gym? No.

Do we have similar personalities? Hell no.

But do we get along like a house on fire and keep each other motivated? Absolutely!

These girls and I have literally nothing in common besides the gym. I’m not even kidding. I’m a homebody. Good luck getting me out on a Saturday night. My girl Sam is nuts (seriously). She will party till the break of dawn, and then rock up to the gym the next morning feeling like a dropped pie. Our beautiful Lauren is a soon to be mum, who travels with her Jockey boyfriend 99% of the time, owns a hair salon, but smashes her gym sessions like the boss lady she is. And our darling Jackie is about to move to Bali for the next 6 months, because why not!

Find your squad! Be that weirdo that goes up to a random person in the gym and says ‘you’re my new person’. Find someone who loves to do this crazy thing we call exercise as much as you do and hold each other accountable! That’s when the real results (and friendships!) happen.

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