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Top 5 Travel Tips

Staying fit on vacation can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be! Most people completely backtrack when they travel because they rely on routine to stay consistent. But with the help of these five tips, you’ll be able to have a healthy holiday without sacrificing your happiness for it!

1. Prioritize and Schedule Workouts

Prevent the classic cycle of “procrastinating and then realizing it’s 10 pm after a long day of fun and there’s no way you’re gonna work out now” by getting your sweat-sesh in early. Your workout will be out of the way and you’ll have plenty of time left in the day for fun. Plus, if you can’t get your travel companions on board with working out on vacation, a morning workout will ensure that you have time to finish yours before they wake up. If you don’t like working out on an empty stomach, have a banana or apple about 30 minutes before to keep your tummy happy too.

Don’t spend all day worrying about when you’ll find time to exercise. Schedule workouts ahead of time and early on in the day so that you can prioritize your fitness goals without feeling guilty or sacrificing those precious vacay moments.

2. Pick Your Poison

Life is a give or a take, so why should food be any different? Just because you have fitness goals, doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of every tasty treat that comes along. Simply decide what sounds better, and go with that. Craving nachos? Get them and the say “no thanks” to dessert. Have a sweet tooth? Pick a lighter entree and then share that molten lava cake with your travel companions.

Whatever the situation, a little give and take is all you need to keep those calories in check. You’ll most likely be dining out 99% of the time, so make the best possible choices and don’t forget to enjoy it!

3. Drink Your Greens

It’s day 3 without a green food insight. Your digestive system has already taken a major hit and now your energy levels are fleeting. That sniffle you got on the plane is sticking around as your immune system struggles to kick in. When traveling, it can be very beneficial to bring a powdered greens supplement with you! My favorite is from Biohn, who makes the highest quality pre and probiotics! Their greens powder addresses the role of fungi in gut health and well as providing a daily serving of fiber-filled veggies. It is the ultimate green supplement and it always by my side when I travel whether it’s to New York City or on an African safari!

4. Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows water is important when it comes to our health and fitness, but most people still don’t drink enough. Especially while traveling! The solution? Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go.

It will prevent you from choosing juices or sodas to quench your thirst plus staying hydrated will keep you full, your skin clear, and your metabolism running smoothly while you enjoy everything that your trip has to offer!

5. Don’t “Save” Your Calories

Planning on having a big dinner? It may seem logical to skip meals and save those calories in order to prevent overeating, but it will more than likely do the opposite. Keep the hunger at bay by eating smaller meals or snacks throughout the day instead. Opt for more nutrient-dense foods like fruit, lean proteins, and veggies. That way you’ll be fueling your body with healthy foods while still saving room for later indulgences!

Your body is good at its job. It knows how to handle a little extra food here and there with ease. Keep in mind that in order to gain one pound of body fat, you’d have to overeat by 3,500 calories! Fuel your travels with mostly healthy, whole foods while enjoying the occasional indulgence and you’ll be able to maintain your fitness level with ease.

Most of the world puts their health and fitness on hold when they travel. Instead, I challenge you to use these five tips as a baseline and come up with even more creative ways of your own to stay fit no matter where you go!

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