Exercise Top 5 Outdoor Fitness Activities to Help Your Body Get in Shape

outdoor fitness activities

Here are the top 5 outdoor fitness activities to help your body get in shape

You presumably spend most of your time indoors – in front of a computer at work or facing your phone. You are overwhelmed with work and have no time to keep up with news and social trends anymore. So, you spend your day-offs checking your social media accounts or getting cozy on the sofa watching your favorite movies.

Believe me, it takes a lot of courage to get off the couch and go for a walk. We all deserve a rest and sleep the day away after a busy week from work or school. But are we living the life we always wanted?

It is probably a challenge for some to leave the comfort of their homes, but fun-filled adventures are waiting in the great outdoors. All you have to do now is decide which ones appeal to you the most.

Try out my top 5 outdoor fitness activities to help your body get in shape:

The first on the list is Running

If you get weary of the daily indoor grind, you can wear your workout clothes and avail yourself of the warm weather. According to research, running for 15 to 30 minutes a day boosts your general health status by strengthening your immune system and lowering the risk of blood clots. It is one of the best ways to get in shape while also improving lung function and usage. You can always run at your favorite time of the day: early morning, afternoon, before, or after work.

Tip: Remember to run on a safe trail, park, or other jogging paths, and wear solid running shoes.

Next is Biking

It is a light, enjoyable activity that is good for the heart and lower body. Cycling your way to the store, park, school, or job is a simple yet healthy activity to incorporate into your daily routine.

Tip: Always wear protective gear like helmet, knee and elbow pad, and keep your eyes on the road.

You may also add Hiking to your list

It can provide a wonderful respite from your regular gym routines while also providing a decent lower-body and cardiovascular workout. It is also one way to reconnect with nature while having a breath of fresh air.

Hiking paths are within easy reach in many state parks and other regions. One of the best places to hike is in the Park Lake Loop near Hoboken, New Jersey. It is a 3.1-kilometer moderately trafficked loop path with a lake that is suitable for all ability levels. The trail is generally used for strolling, running, bird watching, and road riding.

Tip: Purchase a nice pair of hiking boots or sneakers.


Is an excellent workout performed outside or in the comfort of your own home. It has been around for centuries and practiced by most people because of the spiritual, mental, and physical benefits they obtain from these exercises. Yoga has numerous advantages, including reducing stress, increasing physical flexibility, and increasing muscle strength.

Tip: Don’t get intimidated by complex yoga poses. It is for everyone, and you can always start with simple poses.

The last activity on the list is the Outdoor workout/ training

One of the top methods to burn fat. External training also provides a transition from a crowded gym to a healthier non-tech zone. You can try basic outdoor exercises like Burpees, Bench jumps, Push-ups, Lunges, and Squats. If you are new to this and are not confident enough, you can always hire a physical trainer to guide you on your fitness journey. The only way to get in shape is to start taking action and not waste time contemplating whether you should do it or not.

As previously said, exercising outside benefits your mental health significantly. And working out in the sun allows your body to absorb nutrients like Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D that are essential for the health of your bones and blood cells. You burn a lot of calories and undesirable fats while you play outside.

So never miss the importance of spending time outdoors as one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Include outdoor fitness activities in your daily routine.


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