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The successful persons TOP SECRET

So, you’ve been scrolling the internet and flicking through the pages of every fitness and sportsbook you can get your hands on… but you’re still looking for more, right?

In every successful athlete, there is a drive and desire to become better and more successful at what they do, and in life generally. But what deciphers a successful athlete? Is it a subjective opinion? What they have achieved? Or perhaps it’s how much money do they have and what do they own?

If you type “Success” into Google, you will find the definition:

“the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

Read into that as you wish. In my interpretation, this is open to anything in life no matter how small or big. If you set out with a goal, accomplishing that goal makes you and it a success.

This leads nicely to the TOP SECRET.

When you come up with your goal or aim, what is one thing that most if not all of us do in our heads? We VISUALIZE. Maybe you’ve thought about how much you’d love to drop a couple of dress sizes and with that, you’re visualizing yourself two dress sizes smaller. What about the soccer/football match where you score the winning goal?… You visualize that happening and how it feels. There are hundreds if not thousands of examples here, so let’s divulge.

Numerous studies have shown that visualization will help your mind create a neural pattern for whatever it is you’re visualizing. This means that you’re training your brain for physical performance even though you’re not taking any physical action! If you’re not in a positive state of mind, don’t do it. Try going outside for a few minutes, come back, and try again.

Next, use all of your senses. The more detailed and more “real” you make it, the more effective it will be. Lastly, get your emotions involved. Really feel what it is like to go through that experience. Those two dress sizes less, the flat stomach, muscular arms… picture the process from start to finish, what it takes to get there and how it will feel when it happens.

Visualization can’t replace hard work and practice. But it can do, combined with action, it will absolutely increase your chances of achieving your goals. Practice this regularly to help set yourself up for success.

Henry Godfree BSc, FitPro
Outlift Muscle And Fitness

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