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transformation journey

We need care and support in any transformation journey

The truth is we all need to experience a sense of care and support in our daily lives in order to “do better”. We were never designed to be alone, and yet, so many of us are. We’re living in a world where love has been exchanged for a reward; and unfortunately, nothing will change if we don’t change our approach soon.

Family is the number one support structure God gave us.

Without the love and care of a family, in all of its many dynamics, we will struggle to cope with the condition of the heart and soul. If we just look through the window pane and glimpse into the state of this world, we see clearly. Thousands of families are lost.

We truly believe it’s the trauma experienced through the brokenness of the world that leads to weight gain and depression. But there is a solution and it’s to go back to the Original Design. Going back to our roots and learning about who we are and what we need to be healthy is important.

Many of us have been going with the flow, just eating what’s been placed in front of us, taking in more than we need because we are “free” to have as much as we please. But we all know too much of a good thing is a bad thing and weight gain is simply the result of overeating and likely not moving nearly as much as you should.

No one needs to tell you these things. You know you need to eat more fruit, drink more water, and move your ass, but you don’t because you feel weak, tired, and not motivated to exercise consistently and eat healthily. Seeking a coach or a mentor sounds like a last resort because you’ve grown desperate for positive change.

That’s the first step in your transformation journey

Without a burning desire to change, no transformation journey will happen. And that’s why we need to go through “pain” and “lack” so that we may come to see that things aren’t the way they were designed to be. Understanding how things can be will give you the inspiration to make a decision that would bless you.

The second step

Is a little unstable, you can think of it like a baby who starts walking. He knows it’s possible, and there is an inherited desire in his soul to get up and walk. The first few weeks include falling flat on his ass. If he perseveres towards the vision in his heart with a burning desire, then he will walk the walk with certainty.

The third step

Is to watch others and learn from them. Your parents should have been there to support you, teach you, and care for you until you were able to walk the walk with certainty in your talk. However, in many households parents are jealous, even in competition with their sons and daughters, and this is pretty sad.

You’re not in competition with anyone. Just try to live your life with a humble and teachable spirit and you will rise up above the limitations placed on you by those who raised you. Once you set in motion the change you need for growth, you will see that God’s grace will carry you forward each and every day as you get stronger.

We’re all here to help each other stand, and without Trainerize and the thousands of health professionals who have all gone through the season of suffering, there wouldn’t be this amazing space where we can share our hearts and words with those who are sitting in darkness. May you rise up from the ashes like a phoenix again.

The forth step

If you want to know, is to join Bodybuilding for Christ of course. You can join us free of charge, but we do ask that you support our organization if you love what we do and stand for. Your health is a priority, or it should be, and if you don’t have the support and care you need to thrive, then you must find a fit tribe.

God bless your life and family with Wisdom and Strength!

Bodybuilding For Christ (NGO)


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