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the magical diet

The magical diet is one that provides sustainability!

The magical diet does in fact exist.

It took me years of researching, studying, and school before I discovered the magical diet. Before I unveil the magic diet, let me first tell you about my journey in how I got here.

When I was a child I was lean, active, and full of energy. It wasn’t until my grandfather passed away in front of me, that I then turned to food as a source of comfort. I did not realize it at the time, but this was in fact my reaction to this traumatic event.

As time went on, my pants sizes went up. It got to the point where I was being bullied for my weight, I became depressed, and I was ashamed of my body.

It wasn’t until high school freshman year that the requirement to graduate was that we had to take a swim class. This for me was a nightmare. I hated my body and have already been bullied for my physique. I tried everything I could to get out of it. Unfortunately, I took the class and it was horrible.

This sparked something in me to pursue fitness and to do something about my weight.  I was desperate and wanted the weight off yesterday. I began looking for the “get-fit-quick-pill.” I would buy machines off of infomercials thinking I was going to get six-pack abs like the men on t.v.

In my desperate pursuit to change my physique, I began educating myself, I then went to school, and I continued researching and studying long after school was over. And in my diligence, I discovered the magical diet.

The magical diet is one that provides sustainability, is not too restrictive, incorporates balance, and has an emphasis on fitting the individual’s lifestyle.

That is the magic in the diet. It has to be a plan that fits your lifestyle. If you can’t sustain it, you will never be able to maintain it.

When setting up your plan, this needs to be given serious consideration before moving forward. Think of this as the foundation. If you’re starting with a strong foundation, this sets you up for long-term success.

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