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The Benefits of CBD

The Benefits of CBD

If you haven’t already noticed, CBD stores have been popping up in every strip mall and shopping center I have driven by. Even an Uber driver I had one time gave me a card for half off a CBD product. This stuff is super popular right now and despite the excitement. There are still some people I have met that refuse to try CBD products because it is closely linked to THC or Marijuana. Today I am going to go over the drastic differences between THC and CBD so we can have a better understanding of what all the hype around CBD is about.

Molecular Structure: CBD comes from the plant called Hemp which looks exactly like Marijuana. Although, the difference is in the molecular structure. CBD has the exact same amount of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. The difference lies in the way the atoms are arranged. This difference in arrangement offers different chemical properties on how the chemicals affect the body.

CBD Benefits: CBD has various health benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, neuro-protective, helps you relax to sleep, antidepressants, and can be a bone stimulant.

Why it’s legal: CBD actually has trace amounts of THC in the oils that are extracted from the plant. But the amount isn’t great enough to have psychoactive effects on the body. In order for a CBD product to be legally sold in the US, the THC content must be at least 0.3% or less which also eliminates the chance of THC showing up on a drug test.

What Products Do I Buy: This is a common question that people are having. Since CBD is a relatively new industry, people don’t know what they are looking for when they walk into a store. Make sure to take a look at the dosage of CBD on the label. The FDA has not created a Recommended Daily Intake of CBD yet, but for topical products, shoot for 250-300 mg of CBD which will be enough to relieve sore muscles.

If you are using a CBD product that is taken by mouth. A good starting point would be half the dropper at once which should be around 25 mg. I personally use a topical CBD product that relieves muscle pain and soreness by 80%; it is in the $50-70 price range. When it comes to pricing, there are a lot of overpriced CBD products out there. So make sure to ask plenty of questions to the salesperson you are buying from. The last thing anyone wants is to pay a large amount for a product that doesn’t work at all. Trust me they’re everywhere.

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