Exercise The 1 to 10 System to Swift Results

The 1 to 10 System to Swift Results

This system practically guarantees you gains

Many of my clients often wonder why when working alone compared to training with a PT, they tend to see a physical and visual improvement; not only in their body but also within their mind.

Now of course, not every personal trainer is the same. Not exactly an Albert Einstein moment right? Nevertheless, Personal Trainer will have their own styles and techniques to produce the results their clients are craving. That’s our job and why our clients part with their well earned cash money.

Sa what do you do?

The 1 to 10 test or the Resistance Test is a practical and measurable system. It quantifies and collates the amount of intensity you apply to an exercise for each set. It then allows you to return to that very same exercise, at a later date and compare it to the previous reading you recorded. Bingo!

Alongside this, it will bring to your attention the amount of resistance you should be applying to each exercise and avoid being demotivated.

Let’s say 1 on the scale is too easy. On the opposite end of the scale, 10 is far too hard. You want to refrain from working at each end clearly.

The ideal resistance number we are aiming for is 7. 7 is the amount of effort that will bring the gains in a reduced time frame. It will also stop you from becoming that person who is clearly committed to attending the gym  2 to 3 times a week, however, after 3 months of consistency they just can’t seem to understand why they have not achieved their goals. If I had a bitcoin for every time this happened I’d be living like Bill Gates by now!

This happens because they are only repping out to a resistance of around 4 or 5, tops! And although this will indeed bring on gains to some degree, you will not see the best results post workout.

How do you know what a 7 resistance is?

7 is when your last 3 reps on a 10 rep workout start to slowly fade, to the point of where you are relieved to finish your last rep.

6.75 is just below this point as is 6.5 (increments increase by 0.25).

If only on your last rep you felt little or a slow fade then that would likely be a resistance level of 6.or 6.25

If you find the eeps easy all the way through, you give a 5 or 5.5.

As the weeks go by your resistance levels will begin to fall, what was once a 6.5 to you is feeling more like a 6! These clear and obvious improvements give you that motivation to keep pushing as you know it works and you simply increase the weights at this point so that it again feels like a 7.

Give it a and before you know it, you’ll to gains as you have never experienced before.

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