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On today’s episode, we are going to talk about the importance of resistance training for adults. 

“Why resistance training and not just training?”

Well, if you ask any person that would like to start training or be physically active and does not have much knowledge about fitness. They would immediately tell you that they are or will be doing some form of cardio. On the other hand, that is not the case for resistance training.

Even though resistance training is extremely beneficial for us, we do not seem to value it as much as we should. That’s because we are always chasing calories and unfortunately, resistance training does not provide the same amount of calorie burn that cardio does.

This is one of the main reasons why cardio is more popular.

Before I used to get mad about this as I am very passionate about this topic and would think that people were ignorant, but fortunately and thankfully I have changed my mind (isn’t that part of growing up?).

I have come to realize that the problem is not people being ignorant on the matter.

The problem is our education.

Our poor educational system, does not really teach us much about fitness, energy balance, nutrition, etc. Which is sad because as we become adults, most people do not have a clue on what to do when it comes to food and training. And it is a major problem in North America with obesity rates growing like weed in summer. I am not saying that we should all have a PHD in exercise and nutrition, but at least basic knowledge. I have encounter multiple people above 40 that have no clue on what a macronutrient is or how to even squat. This is not right. 

I know you may be thinking that I went too far out of the topic, and you are probably right (maybe not), I was mostly ranting, but thanks for sticking with me.

So why did I mention all that before?

Because for that same lack of knowledge is why most people stay away from doing weights.

These are some of the myths that they believe:

  • Fear of getting injured or thinking that some exercises are bad for your body (i.e: squats are bad for your knees). 
  • Resistance training is only to build big muscles.
  • They do not want to get “bulky”.
  • They do not want to embarrass themselves in the gym.
  • Fear of being judged. 
  • Lifting weights is only for young people. 

These are far from the truth. Are there crazy exercises out there that can cause injuries? Most definitely. But if you stick to the basics and focus on proper form and load, there is nothing to fear and a lot to gain. 

Resistance training provides more benefits than just building muscles. Check my previous article to see what those are. On that previous article, I also mentioned why you will not get “bulky” by just lifting weights. 

If you feel like you will be judge or embarrassed at the gym, seek for professional help. Find a personal trainer that can guide you through the steps. Committing to at least 3 months of personal training can help you advance tremendously compared to doing it yourself.

It is an investment in yourself.

Last one is the main one in this blog.

Resistance training or lifting weights is not for young people only.

In fact, I can argue that the more we age, the more necessary resistance training becomes.

As we age, it is harder for the body to maintain muscle mass. Losing muscle mass leads to loss of strength, decrease in energy, aches, and pains, injuries, illness, loss of balance, etc. All the mentioned before are some of the main causes of injury in older adults.

Strength training can help retain muscle mass and increase bone density. This is extremely beneficial especially for the female population as they are more likely to develop osteoporosis or arthritis.

It can help reduce lower back pain, reduce your chances of obesity and overall feel more useful and independent to do daily activities and chores without needing the help of someone else.

Doing resistance training 3-5 times a week for at least 30 min will get you a long way.

Remember, it is not about being perfect, it is about doing.

Do not fall in the FAD traps, you are better than that. If you would like more tips or would like to work with me, just email me at [email protected] or add me on Instagram @vangaless and DM me. 

Until next time, nos vemos!                                 


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