Exercise Resistance Training Benefits

Resistance training benefits are well known! Resistance training is very healthy for the body and offsets osteoporosis, arthritis, and countless other chronic issues.

The gym is the place where people come to do many different types of exercising. Some just like
to use the cardiovascular equipment like the treadmill, elliptical, or the bikes. Others come in
to use the resistance machines. There are some who use the dumbbells and barbells. Many come to group classes and just do body weight exercises for their workout.

One of the most important types of exercise is resistance training

Resistance training is used for building up strength or endurance depending on your intensity, for toning and losing weight, and it can also be used to make cardiovascular training harder.

There are many types of resistance training. Some of the most popular types of resistance training include the dumbbells, barbells, and strength machines. Body weight exercises and resistance bands are also common for resistance training.

Resistance training is very beneficial when done correctly. The body can be stressed in ways that require the body to get stronger and offset chronic issues like osteoporosis and arthritis. Cardiovascular training will help keep the heart in a healthy state but cardio training cannot stress the body in the same way that resistance training does.

Resistance training will not only help one get stronger but also is a great way to lose weight.

Women do not get huge muscles from resistance training. When women do resistance training, the body will get stronger and more toned due to the body adapting to the stress that is being placed on it. Men do not get larger muscle mass overnight either. It is a process of consistently training and increasing intensity, frequency, or duration overtime.

When cardiovascular training and resistance training are used together, the body will adapt to the changes placed on it and the results will be exactly what you are desiring. If you have any questions about what type of training you should be doing or what types of resistance equipment to be using, please me if you want to start training!

Resistance Training Benefits

When the muscles are stressed because of weight that is being placed on the body, the bones and joints are also stressed. This type of stress is good for the body. When the bones and joints are stressed they will eventually start to adapt to the stress that is being placed on them. The human body does this all the time with different types of stress. Eventually, the bones, joints and ligaments will become stronger due to adaptation of the stress. The cardiovascular system is also strengthened when resistance training is present.

The body efficiently is required to pump enough blood to the muscles being used during that exercise. The cardiovascular system will be forced to work harder. The heart rate will increase greatly in order to supply enough blood in a short amount of time. The benefits go further than just the physical body systems working hard to keep homeostatic balances in the body.

There is also a psychological change that is beneficial for the body. The body goes through a three stage cycle during psychological adaptation. The first stage is the alarm stage. Following the alarm stage is the resistance stage. After resistance has occurred, exhaustion occurs. This cycle is called the General Adaptation Syndrome.

There are so many benefits to resistance training. The body will adapt physically and psychologically to the stress that is being placed on it. In order for these benefits to take place, the stress has to be placed on the body.

Get out there and start resistance training!

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