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What is the real path to see results?

There are those among us who believe that a little bit of hard work is enough, then there are those who put in the time on a consistent basis but don’t see the results they expect.

The Real Path to Results

Many are told that myths and misguided by social media being told they need to be on a fad “diet”. It’s a sad reality, ALL of us can do better.  All it takes is just a push in the right direction in most cases. You can’t expect to see results cause you did the same “booty builder” program four days a week. That’s just what the Instagram models would have you think.

Want to know really why your not really seeing the results you expect?

OF COURSE YOU DO! It’s simple, effective, logical and most importantly possible. We NEED discipline, consistency, a in place quality nutrition plan, rest and effort. We should be doing our research on how to build the best body that we can or learning what is effective and a healthy weight loss solution.

The Real Path to Results

There is no magic pill for either one. Getting to your goals is going to require work. Do research, higher a reputable trainer, whatever it takes to get it done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that you need answered. We all will have to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, because if we stick to doing the same thing time and time again we will only stay the same. We as humans adapt to stress, the same goes for our workouts. We adapt to doing new exercises or adding weight to the bar.

How would be ever know if we made progress if we don’t test our progress? One more important thing to do which, as a trainer, I can not stress enough about… As crazy as it seems we have to check our ego at the door. It will be necessary to make every rep count, it is entirely okay to use lighter weight. Light weights are crucial to making significant strength gains. It’s actually going to be required.

The most important thing to take away from this is to become educated on your fitness goals.

We have to understand what it will take and never be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Progress happens in steps, not all at once

At Strength In The Making we teach you the RIGHT way to do things. We can guide you every step of the way. We carry with us the knowledge, skills, experience and most importantly what we all want… the results!

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