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Many studies and sources suggest that poor posture is not only unattractive to the human eye, but also leads to more serious spinal issues that greatly reduce our quality of life.

Poor posture conveys a message that you’re unconfident and would prefer to go under the radar and remain unnoticed. You appear to view yourself as smaller or less significant than you actually believe yourself to be! It also conveys a message that you have unlikable personality traits. 

People would much rather be around others who exhibit positive and likable personality traits, and those who appear to be more confident and happier. 

When we slouch, we just look unhappy, which is a repellent to most people and we miss out on a lot of life’s opportunities by appearing this way, leaders do not slouch, leaders stand tall and are confident, and get into leadership roles in their career much sooner than those who do not exude the confidence to lead!

To make things even worse, slouching is also a sign that you have weak back muscles which lead to even lower back related issues that can become even more severe over time if poor posture is a factor that goes unnoticed.

The more sedentary we are, the more we sit for extended periods of time our back muscles become weak and this is how we develop the slouch!

Poor mobility prevents you from being able to stand with good posture all together. You can see how well your posture is by standing up against a wall, if it feels awkward to place the back of your head up against the wall, you may have poor posture and should consider doing mobility exercises to improve that which I will go over with you but first let’s dig into the roots, you need to know the WHY in order actually begin forming routine of good habits, you will need to make this a part of your lifestyle the same way you make cleaning your teeth, doing dishes, laundry, cooking etc in order to feel your youngest and stay in shape without any physical interferences.  

Why should you work on improving posture?

Improving your posture helps create the appearance that you are much taller, when we slouch, we look weak, fatigued, timid, unconfident, insecure, or that we may be hiding something. Standing up straight reduces strain on your lower back, when we sit in a hunched position for a long period of time our lower back muscles go into what is called Atrophy in layman’s terms this means your muscles become weaker, and weak lower back muscles is linked to lower back pain and and strains, the less we use a muscle, the quicker it goes into atrophy. The more we use a muscle and focus on building strength, the more the muscle goes into what’s called hypertrophy.

How do we put our muscles into hypertrophy to improve posture and relieve back pain?

There are a series of exercises I’ve put together that have been shown to greatly improve your posture, if this is something you’ve been looking to work on try this just 3 times per week doing each movement for just 1 or 2 minutes based on your ability.

Exercises that improve posture:
  • Hip lifts 
  • RDL (Romanian Dead Lift)
  • Single leg RDL
  • Deadlift
  • Farmers walk
  • Turkish Get Ups
  • Planks

New to working out and need a visual demonstration on how to perform each exercise with proper form so that way you do not injure yourself? 

No problem check out the video below for all demonstrations for proper form! 

Video: Exercises that improve your posture: 


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