Exercise PE4Parents: Save Time at Home with This Total Body Exercise Band Superset

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I’ve been a parent for eight years and a lot of things have changed in that time. My hair has “racing stripes,” and the “parenthood experience” is well represented under my eyes.

The one thing that hasn’t changed? I need to regularly move my muscles so I can maintain my position as:

  • A chef who constantly screws up the orders
  • Wayward Lego Engineer using the wrong blocks, in the wrong colors in the wrong order.
  • Jungle gym
  • Game of tag participant
  • Baseball pitcher
  • Soccer goalie (which my goals never seem to count btw, and I’m always down 15-3 which I’ve never figured out)
  • Peloton lead-out man when we ride our bikes around the block.

Needless to say, there are a few physical requirements in my job duties here at home, and I need to make sure my body not only feels good (or good enough to “show up for work”) but functions as well as possible on a regular basis. Enter, the two exercises you’re going to learn in this post.

All you need is an exercise band, a little bit of time because, as a busy parent, that’s what you’ve got the most of right? I mean, who of us isn’t regularly binge-watching things on Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix?

To that point, “Good Omens” on the Prime. Loved it! David Tennant (“Dr. Who”) nails Crowley. He’s the perfect combination of Mick Jagger swagger and Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow. Plus you get John Hamm (Mad Men) in there for good measure.

So yes, a fitness trainer is telling you to watch more TV. Yes, I see the irony there. However, maybe you can do these exercises whilst binging? Work with me here people!

You read this far hoping to get two exercises to help you save a bunch of time moving at home so here you go. Two fundamental movement patterns that are very simple that might be anything but easy when you stack them up, or “superset” as my old school bro science roots call it.

One of the easiest ways to is to move for 30 seconds, rest 30, then move again and do that three to four times. Hinge first, rest, then step and push. These are motions you do on a daily basis, these two exercises can help you do them better!

It would look like this:

  • 0:30 x the Hip Hinge RDL
  • 0:30 of rest (or more depending on if your kids “want to work in with you”)
  • 0:30 x stepping and pressing
  • 0:30 or rest, then take 2-3 more laps


Here’s how you do the exercise:

  1. Set the band up as low as you can, ideally at ankle height.
  2. Grab both handles and push your hips back.
  3. Your upper body should get to about a 45-degree angle.
  4. Push the “earth away” from you as you drive your feet into the ground, push your hips forward and stand up.
  5. As you do, you should feel your abs/core activate as well as the glutes.
  6. If you push your knees away from each other a little bit on the way down, you’ll feel your glutes activate that much more on the way up!

Exercise Band Step And Press

Here’s how you do the exercise:

  1. Starting with your feet parallel, step out into a split stance position with the heel of the back foot off the ground.
  2. Push the arms away from the body like you are trying to open a heavy door.
  3. As soon as your hands start to push, the ball of the back foot drives into the floor away from your body activating your glutes.
  4. Most of the load should be on the back leg. You are essentially driving force away from the body in opposite directions.
  5. As you move your arms, the further away from the body your hands get, the more your lower abdomen should activate. Own your ribs, and you’ll feel this right away!
  6. Step back to the starting position and repeat alternating legs as you do.
  7. You should also think about holding a grapefruit between your chin and your collarbone (not literally because that would be weird!). This will help to keep your abs engaged (no, really, I promise!). This will also help to keep your head from moving forward as your arms move.
  8. Don’t roll your shoulders forward when you press. If you do, you’ll feel the front of your shoulders more than you do the chest muscles.
There you go, two total body exercises that can help you maintain a consistent movement pattern at home. Thanks a ton for reading, it is much appreciated.

If you’re a parent in the Silicon Valley, drop me a line and let’s set up a time to put together a time-crunched movement routine for you to help you de-stress and have more fun playing with your kids. Unless of course you just want some time for yourself because you’re an incredibly selfish human being who clearly wants to deprive your children of a lifetime of happiness by not being at their beck and call.

See, parents, I get you and together, we can get through this!

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