Al Painter

Mountain View, United States

Al Painter

Mountain View, United States

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No Time to Exercise this Holiday Season? Then Short Circuit Your Workouts

16 Dec 2019

The good news about the holiday season is that there are about 87,889 things to do in about four weeks. For many people, this means that their workouts get sidelined so they can deal with incredibly hectic schedules. Office parties, get-togethers with friends and family, running around to get all of your holiday shopping done […]

PE4Parents: Save Time at Home with This Total Body Exercise Band Superset

30 Oct 2019

I’ve been a parent for eight years and a lot of things have changed in that time. My hair has “racing stripes,” and the “parenthood experience” is well represented under my eyes. The one thing that hasn’t changed? I need to regularly move my muscles so I can maintain my position as: A chef who […]

Single Arm Split Stance Exercise Band Pull

7 Oct 2019

Do your joints get fussy after a long day? Does it seem like it takes a bit of doing to get loose in the morning? If so, you may need to dial in your diagonals. Trust, me, I’ll get to what this is, to “dial in your diagonals” just flows nicely in a sentence. Kind […]

PE 4 Parents: Save Your Sanity with 10-Minute Muscles

2 Jun 2019

Someone asked me the other day what’s it like to be a parent. To which I responded: “About 90% of the time, it’s pretty awesome. The other 10? It’s pretty much the worst college road trip ever with people that make Dr. Jeckyl seem like Dr. Seuss.” Other than that, it’s a great job. Well, […]