Trainers The Online Training Scare

The online training scare is real!

The Online Training Scare

When I was first approached by a client about personal training online I was definitely skeptical.

The reason was that I owned my own gym where I was the head trainer and the only employee. I prided myself in being completely hands on with my clients and closely monitoring everything. There was and is completely nothing wrong with that. Over the years due to “life happening”, I’d lose clients that still wanted to train with me but weren’t able to make it to to my physical location for one reason or another. But I was fine because I still had physical location with new clients joining monthly.

Does the idea of online training scare you?

Recently my wife and I moved away and I had to sell my gym and lost all of my clients. This was a blessing and a curse at the same time. Because of the circumstances I was forced to adjust my focus and take on fitness and get with the times.

Online training here I come! With that being said, I was still unsure of how to manage and assist clients that I wasn’t able to physically be with, but I knew it could be done. After doing some research I found Trainerize. I’ve only been using the software a couple of days and am already fully confident that I can reproduce and surpass the results and success reached at my physical gym.

The fear is gone and has been replaced with excitement for my business and my clients.

Let’s see what’s up!!!!

What do you think?