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Online fitness coaching is the solution for men’s weight loss. See why.

Listen, summer is here, and you’re either happy or anxious about showing off your body.

And, maybe you think “ you’d start tomorrow,” and waited a whole year, due to your crazy work schedule and stress of life.  I understand your life is busy, but you’re the leader of your household, and your family and kids need you to be strong for them. 

And the first step for you:  lose your unwanted weight now.

As a Fitness Coach, who’s worked with the most popular brands (Orange Theory, FitBody Boot Camp, and New York Times Best Seller), I know how to dominate unwanted weight for men. Especially being a busy man myself, I’m on the front line, also.

This article will show the top 5 reasons why online coaching is your solution to crush your weight loss and life goals. 

Here are the top 5 reasons online coaching is the solution for men’s weight-loss:

1. Learn how to eat like a man

So you can enjoy your date night foods and luncheons while losing weight and feeling awesome.  The experiences and nutrition lessons you, will learn will serve you for the rest of your life, and you can pass them down to your kids.

2. Accountability

3% of your life happens inside the gym, and 97% takes place outside the gym (where most men need accountability). The Hasagna’s  Dad Bod  Protocol keeps men on task, structuring their days to focus on actions to get results.

3. Flexibility

As a busy man, it’s great to plan, but some days are chaotic, especially if you have young children. When these days ensure,  you can move your workout time to whenever the chaos slows down, so you don’t lose progress, but keep consistent.

4. Community

It’s nothing like feeling accepted as yourself in your fitness community. There is a place for every bro; from vegan to video game lovers or lasagna enthusiasts. The right community will serve as motivation- and restore confidence in yourself on the bad days.

5. Save Time

Having a proven hand, crafted plan for you your goals, and body type will create a routine of success for you. Having an expert in your corner will eliminate the guesswork- which is mentally taxing you about 15 minutes per workout- and adds certainty to your plan.

Online fitness coaching is the solution for men’s weight loss. It will save you money, produce faster results, and allow you to take control of your life. 

Especially, when using specialized applications like Trainerize, which structure your busy week to make time for yourself (enforces discipline). 

And as the world-renowned Jocko Willinck says:

Discipline is Freedom

Your weight loss freedom relies on your discipline; so let’s create this structure and discipline to experience that freedom, and confidence you need.

Until next time, Soldier!

Hasagna, LLC

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