Lifestyle New year, new me 2019?

I was often tired and exhausted. It’s hard to hold it all together.

The daily routine with a family isn’t as wonderful as a lot of people think. Only the people know, who live in it.

There was a period of my life where I just worked and dealt with school run and cook and housework. I was seriously depressed. I wanted nothing but sleep.

I also had health issues. Crohn’s. Inflammatory bowel disease. Doctors said there is no cure.

I hated my life. My boring, miserable, sick life.

I needed to change.

Then my friend started talking about how a healthy diet can turn around everything as a natural treatment and how exercises can change not only the body but your whole mindset.

Finally, I had hope and started my research. I actually took about 4 months to get ready for this change. I prepared mentally and changed my circumstances. I made decisions.

Challenge 1: I bought a 6kg kettlebell and started to workout at home.
Challenge 2: Every day, after 12 hours of work ( I also learned that I need to REST!)
Challenge 3: I started eating healthy.

In the next 6 month, my pain was gone and my depression got better. The moment, I felt I can’t stop doing it, when I stopped taking medicines.


Challenge 4: I joined a gym. I was serious about my transformation. There was no excuse. I worked hard and enjoyed every single minute. This was my ME Time! Weights and ME!  😀

And I’m here know. I’m healthy and happy. I’m a better mum because I love myself, I have a healthy relationship with my diet and I have a balanced life, a baby boy on his way.

Our lifestyle has so many effects.

The diet and activities affect our energy levels, health quality, physics, mood, the relationship with other people.

So you better be serious when you promise yourself to change. You can’t keep going the same rounds every January or every month or every Monday.

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